Alright, alright! I get it, we have the right to our privacy and we should not be watched over by ‘big brother’. I’ve seen ‘1984’ as well; I can understand why all of us would be concerned about being spied upon. I am also afraid of being jailed up for just thinking of killing someone…and there are plenty of inconsiderate and annoying people that come to mind – based on the true movie of ‘Minority Report’. Still the fact of the matter is, it happens and will happen – android spying apps like xnspy are a reality – the thing that counts is what they are used for and who is using them.

android app spying

Wondering why I specifically chose Android users for this article? More than 80% of all the smartphone users in the world use a smartphone and/or tablet running on Android. That leaves the remaining operating system users at less than 20%. So who would ‘big brother’ concentrate on?

Before going any further picture the scenario mentioned below:

They say everything new brings its own set of new problems – sometime in the afternoon you’re sitting there relaxing with your own Android device and generally decide to check a random news site… and there you see an Ad for a cheating site similar to ‘Ashley Madison’ you go through it and forget about it, it could never happen, right? Continuing to browse through the news you come to an article about a grieving parent whose son got kidnapped – the story goes the child was apparently lured into a trap by some strangers who approached him through one of the many chat apps now available on Android devices. You do not take much note of it – you feel sorry for the guy, but hey it’s his fault for not being careful and keeping a check, right?  You call up your wife and ask her if she’ll be home for dinner, she says she will, but just in case you order pizza. You call out to your kids upstairs and you don’t get an answer. You go upstairs and open their room; they get startled upon seeing you. You can see that they were busy using the tablets you bought them, you ask them why didn’t they answer back when you called them. They apologize for not getting back to you – you leave feeling relieved that everything is ok, right? At night when you go to bed you see that your spouse is coming in late, more often now, and spends more time than usual on the smartphone you bought her. When you ask her what happened and that she missed dinner, she apologizes says it was due to an urgent office meeting. You don’t take much note of it and go to sleep…

android spying

Then it hits you – like a ton-of-bricks – during your sleep your mind connects all the dots, you suddenly wake up, you sit there in your bed sweating profusely as your mind races through everything that happened recently – your wife coming in late and spending too much time on the phone, the kids spending too much time on their tablets. You try going to sleep, but you can’t, you finally get a hold of yourself by thinking of ways to check – check your kids and your wife, but how will you do it? If you go directly to them and ask – it might ruin your relationship with your spouse and create trust issues with your kids. In a moment of clarity you pick up your smartphone and search ‘Android

Spying Apps?

I hope this story is not something that represents you, but even if it does, don’t worry there are millions of concerned people like you throughout the world, who use tracking and monitoring apps. These apps have many uses how you use it entirely up to you for example as in the case mentioned above – to save one’s marriage and have peace of mind.

android spying

Also, I am all for concerned parents using such apps to monitor their children. Being a parent if I found out that my kid was about to do something that would have lasting negative implications on the rest of his life, I would do everything and anything to help him avoid it.  After all children are their parents’ or guardians’ responsibility, if they don’t look after them and take care of them…then either the state will eventually, or someone else will…and I don’t mean in a positive manner.

I hope I was able to get my point across that Android spying apps like any other tool, can be used as weapons to ruin someone or they can be used as a shield to protect oneself and one’s loved ones from harm. It is the person in control that matters…

If you would like to know more about Android spying apps I have selected one as an example called XNSPY. I chose it since it fulfills the basic factors that any average person looks for in such a product – usefulness, features, and cost.

XNSPY allows a user to remotely monitor from a web-based dashboard one or many Android devices. Having a plethora of features such as Call Recording, Access to Call Records, the ability to read SMS and monitoring the apps installed on the target device, it is a comprehensive yet relatively cheap software, which is undetectable and uses up little resource as to not to alarm the device user. It can give you peace of mind regarding the safety of your kids or the integrity of your sensitive official data. XNSPY also gives you the location history of the target device, so you know exactly where it’s been. You can also get recordings of the ambient sounds and conversations taking place at the touch of a command sent by you through the online dashboard.