It can feel strange to be alive today. The world can seem like a scarier place. We are all much more connected than we ever have been before in history. But, for all of the fear we have, and all of the connections that we have produced to good and bad people, the world is a much safer place. Within these three categories, a lot of the thanks goes to technology!

It can be a little bit hard to follow that theory, but think about it from a technological standpoint, and you’ll see how some of the current world’s constructs came to be. Anyone who reads the news or follows modern narratives will start to feel anxious. Bad news is everywhere. For better or worse, it is technology that created this self-sustaining formula. People tend to read more into shocking material, and what better way to shock you then by presenting you from all of the worst things that are happening everywhere in the world? On the positive side of technology on a global level, there is enhanced safety equipment for many of the world’s most dangerous jobs. And a final perspective would be to consider the connection that technology has made as we all pursue the global village phenomenon.

Bad News Everywhere

No matter what channel you turn on, it seems like there’s bad news all the time. Destruction, fires, corrupt politicians, economies falling apart, dictators rising into positions of power – this is all that we are surrounded with all the time. Technology has made it so. Because the biggest companies in the world caterer to advertising money associated with pushing information around, it is shocking information and negative information and dramatic information that make the rounds most easily.

Enhanced Safety for Everyone

One bright spot of modern technology is the fact that there are lots of companies that are doing their best to improve safety for working people. It might be that they are designing custom safety solutions for worksites. It might be that technology is used to make new materials for better boots, hardhats, or safety devices. It could be that technology is used to observe and analyze trends in injuries or accidents, and that allows company owners and managers to figure out how to create environments that are much less risky over time. Physical production and digital data are huge in driving these positive trends.

The Global Village Phenomenon

It is a catchphrase to talk about the global village. Technology is making the world smaller and smaller when it comes to how everything is interconnected, at least when it comes to information. Physical goods still have to be shipped from one place to another, but information technology itself is available to everyone with an Internet connection all around the world. Because of this, the world has organized a network of loose connections never before possible. The one thing to be cautious of is that these are not necessarily strong connections, and they can be more distracting than productive.