Productivity means the amount of quality work done in a particular timespan. In today’s corporate world, everyone is striving to be more productive, but it is easier said than done. Several factors influence the productivity of an individual at work. From physical and mental health to the interest level towards the task, everything contributes to productivity.

The secret to increasing productivity lies in working smarter not harder. You have to make certain adjustments in your daily routine to be at your best while working. If you want to become more productive at work, this blog will help you out.

 Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle can help you in all aspects of life and work is one of them. A healthy individual will be able to put in more effort resulting in better productivity. What is a healthy lifestyle? It is a million-dollar question with several possible answers.

Many things fall within a healthy lifestyle. From sufficient sleep and exercise to a healthy diet, everything is included in it. You can start the day positively with meditation, yoga or a morning walk. Developing a healthy routine can have a good impact on the performance at work.

Set Priorities:

You might have heard the proverb “Too many cooks spoil the broth.” It is appropriate for multitasking at work. Even though doing multiple tasks at once can make you feel like being more productive, but actually, it is not. Juggling several tasks is unlikely to yield favorable outcomes. So, it is really important that you prioritize tasks.

You should focus on one task at a time to get it done effectively. If there are too many tasks to do, make a checklist to start off. Select the highest priority task out of them and work on it. It is important to put all your energies and concentration to high-priority task to get them done within the deadline.

Time Allocation:

Time holds the key in every walk of life, and the workplace is no different. Everything at your office can run smoothly if you do proper time management.  You can distribute your office time into several chunks depending on the number of tasks in hand.

Another hack of time allocation is to allot less time for a task than what you need. It will push you to work harder and get the job done quickly.

Be Cordial with Your Boss:

Most people who fail to perform at work is because of a bad relationship with their boss. It can put you under a lot of stress affecting your ability to concentrate. So, it is important that you are on good terms with your boss.

You should strike a conversation other than work with your boss to get to know him better. This way, you will be able to develop a nice bonding with him. If you maintain a healthy working relationship with your boss, it would be easy for you to share your work problems, feedbacks and suggestions.

Set Small Goals:

Looking at a complete task might look intimidating, but it will become much easier once you break it down. Every assignment or project has several parts and taking on one at a time can help to be productive. Breaking the task into milestones will take off the extra burden from you giving you the initial kick to get going. You will move from one task to the other eventually completing the whole project.

Another plus of setting small goals is that it motivates you with the completion of every task. This will make you remain in a positive frame of mind and able to achieve more in less time.

Take Breaks:

One of the biggest misconceptions is that productivity is directly related to the amount of time spent on the desk. Working too many hours straight can impede your performance. The reason behind is that the mind needs to relax for a while to focus on work with full intensity. Having time off can put you out of stress and help you concentrate better.

Studies have shown that employees who take regular breaks during work tend to be more productive compared to others. So, you should try to take several breaks rather than a long one. You can make coffee for yourself, have some snacks, listen to music or take a walk in the office. Do whatever suits you and makes you relax so that you can get back at work with full motivation.

Use Tools:

Technology can come to your rescue in many aspects while working. You should incorporate different tools in your daily work routine to improve your productivity. For example, time management tools or performance analytic tools can help you to be more organized.

Go Outside Office:

If things aren’t working out, changing the scenery around you is the way to go. Psychologists suggest that changing environments can produce creativity. So, just getting a site of birds and trees can do a world of good for your performance.

Avoid Distractions:

One of the main reasons for low productivity in the workplace is a disruption. Whether it is having small talks with other employees or using a mobile phone, many things can hinder work progress. They might appear to be little instances, but they affect performance.

It is really important to find ways to cut these distractions off. For example, keeping phone silent, adjusting the angle of your laptop stand <do-follow>, and turning off your email can help focus more.

Stay Optimistic:

Remember that everything cannot be perfect in your workplace. There are always ups and downs, and you should embrace that. Make sure that you keep yourself optimistic regardless of the circumstances. Try to see the good in everything and ignore the negatives. Showing up with a positive vibe at work will keep you charged throughout the day resulting in better output.


You can bring a positive change in your work productivity by making a few adjustments. Always remember that it’s all about balance. All the above guidelines will help you become an employee of the month in no time!