Digital marketing is a relatively new field. The surge in communication innovations has opened a whole new avenue for marketers to appeal to consumers on the global stage. And this world is growing rapidly.

Despite its infancy though, a lot of myths have already surrounded digital marketing. For someone new to the subject, the deluge of information can be a little daunting to discern. If you’re interested in digital marketing, busting the following myths may be as important as learning what is true.

Myth 1. Digital Marketing Starts and Ends with a Website.

One of the biggest myths is that putting up a website sets your business up in terms of digital marketing for a long time. The very nature of the internet platform is that is constantly changes. Having a static group of pages representing your business can do more harm than good. If a consumer stumbles upon your website and finds that it was last updated in 2017, they would think your business closed in 2017.

Speaking of content, your website won’t thrive with just any content. Even if you upload a ton of material, if they’re not of good quality and valuable to the readers, your website will eventually decline into internet oblivion. Plus, good content helps you with search engine optimization.

Myth 2. SEO is Dead.

Nope. It’s still here and more relevant than ever. However, the SEO from 2010 has already been buried, along with all its black and gray hats. The new SEO basically takes the needs of the user into consideration more. Its use of UX, conversion rate optimization, and CTR optimization makes the practice more organic and modern.

If you want to learn more about how to optimize your website’s search engine ranking and use SEO to grow your business, feel free to consult with professional SEO services.

Myth 3. Digital Marketing is a One-Time Thing.

The term digital implies that this kind of marketing lives in a dynamic place. To keep up, and even thrive in this environment, you should always be testing and re-strategizing. Or at least, evaluating whether you still have the best marketing strategy active.

Myth 4. Digital Marketing is too Exciting for Some Industries

You can find anything on the internet. The things you may consider different from the usual markets will surely have its own niche. And don’t worry if your competitors do not have digital marketing efforts. It just means that you’ll be the first one on this new channel. Make the most out of it.

Myth 5. Anything but a Roaring Success is a Failure.

A flood of new users to your website is good news, but it shouldn’t be the only goal you have for your digital marketing efforts. A more targeted approach will attract the right kind of users who will more likely convert. Reeling in masses with gimmicks will raise your traffic for only a few moments.

Myth 6. Some Industries are compatible with Social Media.

The many platforms of social media allow every industry to figure out which platform it can maximize for digital marketing. This is fairly a straightforward process and is mostly related to the target audience of each platform.

Myth 7. Negative Comments are a Death Sentence.

On the one hand, negative comments are indeed emotionally painful. On the other hand, they are excellent ways to assess your business, learn from the issue, and highlight customer service. Turn those comments into possible conversions.

Digital marketing has seen its share of myths and misconceptions. Study them well, alongside the best practices for digital marketing and watch your business improve.