There are many reasons why you need to invest time, thought and money into making your office as comfortable as possible. After all, you spend many hours in it every working day and you want to be productive. Also, the way you organise your office shows what kind of image you’d like to create about your company. Just like you wouldn’t want to do any business with someone working in a shabby and untidy office, why would you assume your clients would be interested in working with you if you don’t put some effort into making your office inviting?

Keep it clutter-free and organised

It’s difficult to work if you’re surrounded by all sorts of stuff that shouldn’t be in the office in the first place. So, your first task is to declutter it, leaving only the most necessary stuff. Not only will your office look much nicer, more inviting and tidier, but bigger too. Pay special attention to paper, since piles of sheets are quite annoying and your excuse that it’s just “creative chaos” is… well, just that – an excuse. If you can, use a document management system and organise papers digitally. That should boost your productivity, help you be better organised, and you’ll have less garbage. Finally, you’ll save money by not buying additional office stationery for dealing with printing and storing paper documents.

Functionality is the key

As a place of work, your office should be designed and furnished in a way that allows you to focus on the tasks ahead. Your office should allow you to stay stress- and injury-free, while at the same time stimulating creativity. It’s vital you provide enough light, and if you can’t get enough natural light coming through the windows, make sure you get enough lamps. Look for other useful electrical goods which will not only add to the pleasantness and the atmosphere, but will also provide the much-needed functionality. Chairs should have lumbar support and your computer screen should be at the right distance and at the right angle.

What should it feature?

Depending on the nature of your business and your position, the needs for specific areas in your office will vary. It might be a good idea to consult an expert in interior design who can go through your ideas and requirements with you before you remodel your office. To begin with, you should make a list of the spaces you’d like to have in your office. Then, you can see what options you have at your disposal. Be realistic with your wishes and make sure you can afford them.

Personalise it

As a place that reflects your personality, your office should feature some details that you appreciate. Whether it’s a work of art, a framed photo on your desk or a coffee mug from home makes little difference. The important thing is that such details send a message that is important to you, that they make you feel at home in your office and, finally, that your business partners can find out something about you.

Keep the temperature normal

Many offices are either too hot or too cold, which creates a very unhealthy environment in which you can’t perform really well. In order to avoid such problems, make sure you regulate the temperature using a thermostat. If that’s not an option and you don’t have an air conditioner, you should get a fan for those hot summer days and a space heater for the days when it’s freezing outside. Needless to say, you have to dress accordingly and adjust your internal temperature by drinking hot or cold beverages.

Nature brings tranquillity

Unfortunately, very few people are blessed with a chance to work in a setting overlooking beaches and palm trees. However, you should do your best to bring as much nature as possible into your office. The best way is to find suitable plants, which boost creativity and reduce stress, according to the many experts who have investigated the impact of plants on people in offices. The same goes for natural light – the more, the better. Check if you can install an extra window or replace old windows with bigger new ones. You’ll immediately notice that your mood has improved, which will in turn lead to greater productivity.

Your office should be as comfortable as possible, since you do your business in it. Also, it is the place where people who need to talk to you about work come, and you want them to have a good impression. Finally, it’s great for your health to have an office that is relaxing, full of natural light, and properly heated and ventilated.