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A bad story is worse than silence. You must have heard such stories which you couldn’t wait until the end. They were boring and humdrum. That’s what teachers might feel while reading some student’s writing assignments.

Crafting a good story involves more than putting words in correct order and showing the knowledge of grammar rules. There are strict rules and demands on academic paper writing listed at Essay Service professional writing company blog. But first of all, you should engage the reader. Fortunately, there’re numerous apps and tools to help you keep yourself from sounding monotonous, follow academic writing guidelines, and amaze your teacher with excellent creative essays. Here are five ways to improve your storytelling skills.

1. Use story prompts

Deciding on a topic can be repetitive and time-consuming. Save time by choosing the one from ready-to-use story ideas.

iDeas for Writing is a prompt app you can use as a starting point for your assignments. It offers a whole writing workshop. You get a thousand of suggestions to promote your creative flow. Different exercises are designed to stimulate writing practice. The app is also appreciated for the generator of titles and characters.

Writing Prompts is another great app to rely on when it comes to fueling your muse. It comprises 600 creative writing prompts. A writer can also take advantage of the generators which use words, sketches, colors, current events, scene elements, genres, and writing types.

2. Brainstorm

You’re definitely familiar with brainstorming. At school, teachers show students how to write down a key concept and start jotting down ideas around it. This exercise is used when writing essays or other types of academic papers. Jump-start your story with these brainstorming apps.

The Brainstormer will encourage you to think in new ways in order to create a great narration. Just spin the wheels to get three random terms or phrases. The first wheel will give you the conflict, the second – the style or setting, and the third – the subject. Use the combination as the building blocks for your story.

Brainsparker is another digital equivalent of the exercise. Random creativity prompts in the form of words, quotes, questions, images, and actions will ignite an endless source of fresh ideas. Shake your phone to shuffle up the cards and tap to choose one. Then record the ideas it sparks. Whether you’re still working on a long-time project, or just opening a Word document to start a new story, Brainsparker will shieQld you from a writer’s block.

3. Develop plot and characters

Writing a story can be problematic when you’ve got only a few hours to work on it. We all procrastinate sometimes. These cool apps are designed to boost productivity. You’ll quickly come up with a plot and characters!

If you’re working on a personal essay that describes some events of your life or people you love, it will be helpful to use PicCollage. Create collage attaching your photos. You’ll refresh your memories, add more details to the description, and create a full picture for the reader.

Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus for your Mac. Enter a word, and the tool will create a map that blooms with meanings and branch to synonyms or antonyms for it. Visual Thesaurus provides a fun way to explore language and find the exact words to describe a character or a plot scene.

Bibisco app is designed to assist in writing stories, mainly novels. But it’s useful for any type of storytelling. Bibisco inspires character creation. It offers a block with questions about a character. The answers help you get a strong idea of your character’s appearance, background, and motives. You can also use the app to developing a story plot by creating fabula, narrative strands, and settings.

4. Organize narration

Now you’ve got basic elements of your story. It’s time to see how it starts to take shape.

You can keep using Bibisco app to complete your writing. It will help you organize chapters and scenes into a single narration.

Or you can use to present the story in a creative way. This easy-to-use tool allows making your own infographic even without advanced design skills.

Story skeleton is a story-planning app for writers on the go. You have a virtual board, create index cards each representing one scene or paragraph, and then put them together in a solid narration.

Manuskript is perfect for academic paper writing. It provides a great interface to carefully structure your document. You can add tables, citations, bibliography, etc. Manuskript can be beneficial for creative writing assignments. It focuses on outlining. The outline tool shows a writer what stage each story part is at and what characters are involved. It’s also possible to rearrange the passages.

5. Proofread and edit

Needless to say, your story should be free of errors. Academic writing assignments are graded for their accuracy. It has to do with typographical errors, spelling, punctuation, and syntax. The next tools will help you make your creative piece flawless.

Hemingway Editor is an online tool that emphasizes readability and correctness. It highlights common problems that complicate reading and understanding of your story:

  • Pretentious words and phrases
  • Long sentences that are hard to read
  • Unnecessary adverbs
  • Extra use of passive voice.

To make your story more concise and clear you’ll need to fix the highlighted places.

After improving the readability, correct all the mistakes. Grammarly editor is a powerful tool where you can both create or upload a new file to be checked. Not only it underlines all the errors but also explains why it’s wrong and suggests corrections for spelling and grammar. Premium version offers citations to remove accidental plagiarism and alternative vocabulary choices to add more dynamics to your writing.

Now you’re fully set up to become a great storyteller. Keep using these free apps and tools to perform creative writing assignments. Be a confident writer. Don’t be afraid of the blank pages. And get ready because soon you’ll get A grades and classmates seeking advice from you.