You know your computer is always in danger of getting hacked by the malicious people ruling the internet. However, you keep thinking that everything is under control and ignore the situation until something rather grave happens at your end. In such a situation there is nothing that can help you in sorting the mess that has been created. However, if you wish to escape the situation here are 5 ways to protect your computer from viruses.

Antivirus software

Buying the best antivirus software is the first and foremost thing anyone should do when they purchase a computer for themselves. In fact this is as much a necessity as any other software that you may buy. Having antivirus software keeps you relaxed as the software keeps checking your system for any kind of intrusions that it may notice. You can relax as the software would handle any kind of hackers that are trying to enter the system or creating any kind of mischief there. Also the software stops you from downloading any malicious software or visiting a website that is doubtful in nature.

Stronger passwords

It’s vital to have a strong password as they are a major link to your security system. Though most people say that having a tough password makes it difficult to remember, keep in mind that easy passwords can be quickly decoded. Once the hacker finds out the password, it is but easy to get inside your computer and wreak havoc. Instead, use a password with digits, alphanumeric characters, and special characters to yield one which no one can guess.

Check email links

Very often we receive emails but they are all not trustworthy. While your email provided removes some such emails not all of them get eliminated. Do not open any links from email providers you can trust. Often the emails sent from hackers look so close to the original emails that you tend to get confused. Always check twice or thrice about the credentials of such emails and if you have a doubt make sure not to open the links mentioned.


Having a firewall in your computer eases out the kind of traffic that enters its network thus protecting your computer. Most computers have a firewall in place but keeping it enabled is of utmost importance. In case you disable your firewall by mistake you open up your computer to be accessed by multiple hackers. Having a firewall also stops you from accessing websites that are not reliable. They also eliminate any wrong downloads from happening on your computer.

Pop up blocker

Having a pop-up blocker is another way to stop any bad websites from entering your computer network and gathering any information about you. If you have a pop-up blocker in place you would get notified about any website that is trying to do so. You can then decide whether you want to proceed further or not. In case you are not sure of the reliability of the website you can easily ignore the website and move on and vice-versa.


Having a computer always keeps you worried that there could be an intrusion on its network. However you can keep yourself protected by using the tips that have been mentioned below. If you are not sure whether this trick would work you can just install antivirus software like Bitdefender and let it handle the situation. With regular updates and checks the software would remove any chances of being intruded upon. This grants mental peace to you while you can move ahead and keep carrying out your other tasks accordingly.