To become a relevant player in business today, you need a website.  A business website gives your operation a foundation within the vast digital world that is the internet.  You website grants you the ability to reach the world.

The problems come for small businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs when they are charged with the task of building their own websites.  Individuals with no formal training can build a fully functional website through the assistance of an online site-building platform.

Choosing which platform to use with the wide array of options that are available can be a bit difficult.  Check out a brief look at some of the top website building platforms available this year, and get started on your new business website today.


Wix is arguably the most popular of the builder platforms available online this year, and there are several reasons why it has such a pristine reputation among business owners.  Wix offers an easy to manage eCommerce framework, and it has more than 500 unique templates from which to choose your design.

The Wix platform offers more than enough chances for users to customize their design options, and you can tweak your design in just minutes.  To top it all off, Wix customer support is efficient enough to supply you with a response within 24 hours.


The self-hosted WordPress site is actually the most popular web-building platform in the world.  This open-source website builder is responsible for hosting nearly 35 percent of all the websites on the internet.

WordPress gives you the ability to build a website for just about any purpose.  It gives anyone who can follow directions the chance to create an eCommerce store, community forums, a social network, and more.

Constant Contact Website Builder

Constant Contact Website Builder is a dream platform for those who have little to no tech savvy swagger in their repertoire.  It’s a great platform for boosting your email marketing game, and you can literally build a business website in minutes.

All of the templates offered for site builders are already set up to be mobile-friendly in their design.  You can even sync your Facebook business profile through the platform to enhance the efficiency of your new website.

Gator by HostGator

Gator is a website builder that is fully hosted, so you never have to concern yourself with added software, updates, or backups.  You’ll have boundless customization opportunities, and you can edit your build with simple click and drag functions.

GoDaddy Website Builder

It’s likely that you’ve heard of or dealt with GoDaddy for professional reasons in the past.  This website building platform offers integration with Getty Photography for simplifying the process of adding media to your website.