Writing is becoming the most popular choice for many people. It includes blog writers, review writers, journalists, researchers, etc.  A great way to be more productive and save time is using the special apps. Here is the list of five best writing apps for Mac users.

  1. Ulysses

It offers various tools for writers of any kind. This app provides a wide array of customization from writing to exporting. In fact, you can choose to work in markdown or you can also create your own mark-up style.  With Ulysses, you can even create your own environment with background colours to fonts. It is capable of managing documents, easily exporting in seconds and fast syncing. When it comes to publishing the content, you can export it into various formats including text, DOCX, ePub. You can also publish your work to Medium or WordPress.

Price- 44.99$

  1. iA Writer

iA Writer has gone through the number of changes over the years. It provides best digital experience while keeping the mind on the text and hands on the keyboard.  It focuses on writing the plain text and full markdown support. There is syntax control to show adjectives, nouns, conjunctions and more. The link to other documents combines them into single project or spreadsheets or link to images to see them in a single project.  Another smart feature of this app is synchronizing scrolling preview. It lets to view your text without any distractions and formatting and you can focus on the content. The app counts the word, sentence and characters plus it shows the reading time of the content.

Price- 9.99$

  1. Scrivener

Scrivener is the powerful tool for keeping your thoughts organized. Built with writers in mind, you can do everything research, compose, organize, edit, finish at a reasonable price.  It has the full-featured suite of tools which support novels, research paper, essays. You need to organize the ideas on digital notecards and see how it fits together. You can import images, PDF and other media. It provides the customization to create the environment you need to encapsulate with many options. You can compile your whole project into single document and export it into DOC, rich text, PDF, ePub, Kindle, etc. The best thing is you can work on the projects no matter where you are. You can get the necessary research paper help through this app to boost the productivity at work or college.

Price- 44.99$

  1. Blogo

Blogo is a great app as it allows you to sign in to the WordPress, Blogger or Medium and start writing for those platforms and finally publish it. It combines simplicity with powerful features and gives you the tools to create amazing content from your Mac. You can manage everything from post’s title to its tags. In fact, you can preview your image. It has customizable preferences to fit into your blogging workflow. It counts word and characters with live reading time.

The writing can be done in the markdown or rich text, insert inline test and keep track of your writing goals. You can also perform photo editing, cropping and resizing and adding effects.  The best thing is it is free for the month so that you can download and check the features properly. You will get the access to media search feature, videos, images, GIFs and moderate and reply to comments.

Price- 24.99$

  1. Pages

Pages is Apple’s own writing app. It will help you to create all sorts of documents. There are more than 60 templates to choose from in Pages covering from short essays to research papers. There are even templates for items like business cards and flyers. You can also add images and shapes, layout in the documents in different style. You can even secure documents with touch ID if you have Apple’s 2016 MacBook pros with touch bar.

Pages make the collaboration easy with multiple people whether they are on Mac iOS, or Windows with iCloud.com. You can even share the documents publicly or with specific users, see at any given time that who is in the document, follow their cursors as they edit.  To make the workflow easier, the app has 60 various templates that you can create posters, cards and more. Using media browser, you are able to enrich your document with photos, music and other media files.

Price- Free

These are some of the best writing apps for the Mac users which save time and make your work faster and easier. Download them today and take the advantage of these apps to boost your productivity.