If you ask any parent on this planet regarding their greatest parenting struggles, managing their children’s online activity will be the topmost answer. Screen related issues are the biggest concern for parents around the world these days (unless you have no screen at home and live in the wild). 

You remain concerned about its impact on their physical activity, their academic progress, and their mental and social health. Your concerns are not irrational. Studies show a direct link between cyber-bullying and teen deaths, substance abuse, and depression. And you want your kids safe and healthy. There should be a solution for managing screen-use in these kids. A solution is other than just taking away the screen or engaging in continued shouting matches.

Fortunately, we can find various apps that allow us to keep track of our kids’ activities through these apps. Plus, these software solutions have also helped to parent by detecting and reporting bullying, adult content, and violence. Also know how to hack someones phone with just their number. Still, there was a gap in clients’ needs and the offer of these apps. Parents wanted to combine all the features of content filters, blocks, and productivity tools within a single app. 

And FamiSafe allows just that: a single solution for all the problems related to the virtual lives of our kids. Here are a few ways in which FamiSafe helps us safeguarding our kids from virtual influences:

Safeguards against Cyber-bullying

The app helps you to track your kid’s conversation with other contacts based on inbuilt and customized terms and phrases. You can view which contact is a threat to your child using these reported messages. The app will analyze all text conversations of your child across all digital platforms to find inappropriate language and harassment. 

Monitors and Filters Online Activity

So, you are worried that your child may engage in an age-inappropriate activity. Porn, violence, substance abuse are a big no for your kids. Or maybe you want them to focus on studies and, hence, forbids them to use certain time-consuming apps. 

And you don’t want to keep nagging them to leave the addictive game or app. FamiSafe has got you covered. It not only identifies unwanted apps but also blocks them from opening on your kids’ phones.

There is a thing called internet addiction that is a by-product of easy access to this medium of communication. And this addiction can mean intense health hazards for people of every age. So, how do you protect your child from this addiction? Simply, you install FamiSafe on their mobile. The app will interfere with the use of their device as soon as they try using it at the wrong time. Some examples of such wrong times can be sleep or study time. 

Tracks Their Location 

You want to ensure your child’s safety at all costs. FamiSafe uses the power of the internet of things and creates a custom-made geo-fence for your child. Geo-fence, or designated safe area, use the data parents provide to outline the geographical area where the child is considered safe.

The app reports to the parent immediately their child step out of this area. This feature also helps the parents to know if their children spent time in the right places during the day.

Good News!

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