Satellite internet is a wireless connection that involves 3 satellite dishes. One dish is located at the internet service provider hub, one is in space and another is attached to your property. It is a widely held belief that the capabilities and potential of satellite internet make it one of the most innovative technologies around.

However, although it is undeniable that satellite internet has the ability to improve the lives of home internet users all over world, you might be wondering what exactly it is about satellite internet that makes it so useful. So, let us discover 3 advantages of satellite internet.

Superior Availability

One of the most important benefits of satellite internet is that it delivers a high-quality connection to more places than nearly any other type of service. A single satellite in orbit can cover whole oceans or continents and this wide area coverage makes high-speed Internet access from remote locations quick and easy. Due to the curvature of the Earth, and other natural and man-made obstacles, it can be difficult to set up a direct communication path over long distances.

Furthermore, availability is especially important to consider if you live in a rural area. High-speed cables, and fibre connections can be tempting, but you might not be able to benefit from this technology if these services are unavailable in your area. You can get satellite internet virtually anywhere and this makes it perfect for those who want to enjoy internet services without the proper infrastructure. Additionally, for people living in rural areas, satellite internet allows people to take advantage of smart home technology, smart farming and everything else in between.

Value for Money

There are no doubts about it, putting the infrastructure in place for internet connectivity can be expensive. However, compared to the installation of cables which can cost anywhere between $10 000 to $100 000 per mile, satellites offer a more cost-effective means of high-speed internet access. In turn, these savings at the installation level can then be passed on to customers. To determine whether satellite internet could be the right choice for your needs, take a look at this overview of Hughesnet satellite internet.

Above all, with satellite internet you can get a high-quality connection from powerful satellites whether you live in a city, in the suburbs, or in the middle of nowhere. Moreover, many people find the cost of satellite services to be very reasonable. In fact, when compared to mobile hotspots and other connectivity options for people who live outside of major urban areas, satellite internet often delivers the best deal.

Excellent Reliability

A major advantage of satellite internet services is that they require less equipment on the ground compared to terrestrial internet providers. This means that the network is less likely to sustain damage as a result of extreme weather conditions and it will not let you down during any emergencies. This can be incredibly reassuring and provide peace of mind that your internet connection is unlikely to go down in your time of need.

Satellite internet is incredibly resilient and tends to fail less often compared to its competitors. Essentially, when using satellite internet, the number of opportunities for network outages is significantly reduced. In the event that something does get broken or malfunctions, it is also easier to repair in comparison to local infrastructure. Correspondingly, a complete satellite network can work independently of terrestrial infrastructure and can maintain connectivity as long as the equipment is powered.  

Satellite internet might not be the right fit for everyone, but for people living in rural communities, it can be a life-changing solution. Ultimately, satellite internet can be incredibly empowering for people living in areas where internet connectivity is limited. Distance learning, online healthcare, and social media are just some of the essential services for which we depend on a robust internet connection.

In a relatively short period of time, satellite internet has overhauled what it means to live outside of a major city by giving people more opportunities to take charge of their lives and benefit from technology. Want to learn more about the advantages of an internet connection? This guide to different ways to connect to the internet might come in useful.