A number of homeowners are investing in smart home automation, for benefits like convenience, increased security, and energy efficiency. There are a number of systems and devices available for homes today, including personal assistants, automated lighting and thermostats, smart home hubs to manage the entire system, and more. There are plenty of benefits to be had with home automation products, which is another part of why they are becoming so popular.

Why Home Automation?

Here are 10 of the biggest benefits of upgrading to a smart home and why so many homeowners are getting in early.

  1. Control Your Home from Anywhere: With smart home technology, devices connect to apps on your smartphone or tablet for easy control and management of the various smart systems. You can check on all of your automated systems from anywhere in the world.
  2. Security and Peace of Mind: A good majority of smart home devices and systems are designed primarily for safety and security. Think of things like smart outdoor security lights, smart doorbell cameras, and even automated door locks that make sure you never leave your home vulnerable.
  3. Energy Savings: Although smart home systems typically cost a little more upfront than their standard counterparts, they earn their money back quickly. The second primary feature of smart home devices (next to security) is for cost savings. When you automate your home, you can reduce energy costs significantly.
  4. Convenience Abounds: Whether you’re looking forward to being able to tell Alexa to shut the garage door or you enjoy being able to control all the lights in your home from your smartphone, the convenience almost never ends with smart home automation. You can even move video and audio from room to room with smart A/V and home theatre devices.
  5. Whole-House Connectivity: Automation connects as many devices as you want, creating an entire house-wide system that handles systems like heating and cooling, lighting, entertainment, and more.
  6. Senior-Friendly Perks: For those who are older or who have limited mobility, being able to manage an entire house can prove quite the challenge. Automated homes and apartments are the future for assisted living and senior communities, offering tech-forward solutions like voice activation and easy control from smart handheld devices.
  7. Easy Ambiance and Environment Changes: Setting up for a big party or a romantic evening is fun with smart devices. You can control the lighting, temperature, audio, and more to create the perfect ambiance for any party or even just a special night in.
  8. See Your Home at All Times: Peace of mind is easy when you can bring up a camera or set of cameras that are installed around your home. Then, you can see what is going on at all times, no matter where you are. You can choose a variety of camera styles, too.
  9. Easy, Secure Access for Visitors: You no longer have to worry about where to hide a key for a pet sitter or your in-laws that are coming to check on your pets or plants. Keyless entry systems are available with time restricted codes to allow limited secure access.
  10. Creature Comforts: The biggest reason, which kind of encompasses everything else covered here, for home automation. People love their convenient comforts and automated smart home products make it easier than ever to enjoy the comforts of home with minimal effort.