Everybody wants to make money. Especially now, when the world has turned upside down due to the pandemic, figuring out some way to have a stable income source is more of a priority than ever. And people are having to get creative to make that happen. One thing to note is that technology keeps getting less expensive. So, if you’re an early adopter of various kinds of technology, that means that you can leverage that into a competitive advantage, especially when it comes to creative income sources. 

Think of a few examples where this is the case. You can make money using technology by having an ATM side hustle. If you want to make money while you sleep, there are plenty of passive income opportunities for you based on your technology use. And, even though it’s a gamble, you can use stock market analysis and investment technology to make some cash on the side too, as long as you understand the risks involved. 

ATM Side Hustles

People need cash when they are out purchasing things. If they run out of dollars, that means they need to use an ATM to get more. If you recognize this as a need, why not use that to your advantage? Figure out a business where you can rent ATMs and make money from your efforts. There are plenty of different companies that outsource this kind of work because they make money off of you making money. It’s a win-win for everyone, as long as everyone in the chain has some business sense about them. 

Passive Income Opportunities

Then you can get started on passive income opportunities. This is the classic make money while you sleep concept. When you begin to look up ways to make money using technology in the passive income realm, you’ll find that there are hundreds of creative possibilities that you can expand into thousands of money-making opportunities. Classic passive income opportunities involve selling automated advertising on websites. As soon as you get great content on a website, advertisers will naturally bid on people’s attention who visit to read your posts. Assuming you get a decent conversion rate, you can make a ton of money simply by selling this automated advertising. 

Stock Market Analysis and Investment

As a final way to use technology to make money, think about tools to analyze the stock market. There are all sorts of stock market analysis apps on your mobile device that let you know the best times to buy, trade, or sell stocks. There are always risks involved in doing this, but with a little bit of a learning curve, you can make a good amount of money on the side. You should never put more money in the stock market than you can risk losing, but a little effort goes a long way, especially with useful tools.