I could easily summarise this entire article and say others are already reaping benefits from it, so you should get with the program, but many holdouts will need more than that to get convinced. Social media allows you grow your customer base beyond your local town, city, state, or country. You can be a little Mom and Pop store with customers in the Far East. Social media can do that. E-commerce is another vista you can take advantage of, but none of that will happen as long as you remain invisible to the rest of the world that doesn’t live on your block. Don’t tie your profits to your neighbours. You’re better than that. Here are reasons why should do so:


The people who need your products and services are constantly searching for what you do. And when see people who have it, they contact them or order it online. Is any of that coming to you. No. That’s because you’re not online. The internet is the best place to market your brand. You can potentially double your sales and customer base. Your business will pop up when people search for things relevant to your services through their computers and mobile devices.


The fact that these days news is broken online before it makes it to the headlines the next day is not a dramatic quote. Its very easy for a scandal or bad review about your business to wreak havoc for close to 24 hours before you get the chance to respond if you choose to stick to traditional media. By leveraging on social networks, you can quickly respond and resolve issues involving your customers, before they can fester and damage your business’ reputation. Many people will speak badly about your business before they even contact you. Nip it in the bud with social media. Get online today.


If you have an online presence, more people will be drawn to your brand, there will be more opportunities to sell, and that means higher profit margins. That’s way better looking out your shop window hoping the next person that passes by intends to drop in. Your brand should come to the customer, not the other way around. Social media breaks the barriers between you and the new generation of millennial customers. Many of them trust businesses with an online presence better than those without. In fact, the stronger your online presence, the more people trust your brand. Word of mouth is the old way. Social media is in.


With social network, you can detect conversations that involve your industry and get in them to enhance your brand awareness amongst the target audience. Irrespective of  toxic people quotes about the influence of social media on business, chose to see the positive sides. You can advertise directly, provide answers directly, and engage customers one-on-one.

Truth be told, once you get online, you’ll keep asking yourself, why didn’t I do this earlier? The next zero in your revenue is just one social media account away.