Have you been considering getting a company or employee to help you with your marketing for your business? It can be a bit overwhelming and there is so much to gain when you are having your marketing done correctly. The question is, should you go with a digital marketing agency or hire a full-time employee?

You don’t need the digital marketing agency full time

One of the great perks about a digital marketing agency versus hiring a full-time employee is that you don’t need that digital marketing agency as a full-time employee. Most people are looking for part-time work but typically they’re looking for a full-time job. What’s a digital marketing agency, perhaps you just are looking for them for social media, or to maintain your website, we’re just a few specific tasks. That means that you’re only hiring them for a couple of weeks. If they work out, you’re able to work with them in multiple areas especially as your business grows. With a full-time employee, they really are just going to be doing the marketing and not other tasks around the office, as well, you’re paying for them whether they are being extremely productive that day, or not so much. 

You don’t need office space

You do not need to get the digital marketing agency and the office space. That means if you had fun at home office, one that just works virtual, recent plate haven’t grown into needing a large office yet, you don’t need to pay for that marketers office space. When it comes to you an employee, most are not done virtually, there are part of office meetings and there are there within the office. There’s another benefit of working with a digital marketing agency.

It is a tax savings

 Did you know that digital marketing companies can actually save you money during tax season? You don’t need to be paying for some of their taxes they pay at themselves. This is contract work which is typically what a digital marketing agency is. You are then able to write that off at the end of each tax year. With an employee, you of course are responsible for putting them in a good work environment. That does not necessarily mean giving them their own huge office. It does mean having a good and healthy work station for that person. These are all things to keep in mind. 

You don’t need to purchase their electronic devices

A digital marketing agency has their own electronics. This means that you don’t need to purchase them a phone or pay for their monthly phone bill. If you have an employee, you do purchase those things. Which can really add up. As well, you may have to purchase specific programs for the marketing department and for themselves. 

With this also said, you save money on things like 401K’s, any kind of pension programs as well as bonuses and even on your paper roll and accountant as they may do their own payroll a different way saving you more money. 

The digital marketing agency can work from anywhere

You are not tied to someone coming in everywhere. Heck, you can even end up Working with an agency that you’d heard does a great job and they do not live in the state or even country. This is a huge perk and if there’s any kind of issues that come up in the world, it’s great to know that they don’t necessarily need to be in your office at all times. 

You may want someone you can see on a regular basis

Although that last point is true, you may be looking for someone in the office. Someone that you can trust and have your eyes on. Perhaps you have had a negative experience in the past and you want to ensure every employee is giving 110%. You may not be able to be doing that with a digital marketing agency. 

You can fire them right away if need be

Just like saying you may be wanting to be able to fire them right away if needed, with an employee, you are most likely able to do that, or give them two weeks notice. Not with all, but some digital marketing agencies make you sign six month and even 1 year contracts. This is not always a bad thing because not all digital marketing companies require this, but if you think you may want to fire the person or you are skeptical of some of the things they do, it’s very important to keep this in mind. 

There are so many different reasons to work with a digital marketing company or hire an employee. Look at this list and look at what option fits better with your business needs and style. That will better help you make your final decision. 

Make sure that you look into both options unless you know you were already set on one. You can interview different employees if you know you have room for them, if you know you want and have room to grow you may want more than one employee. As well, you may love knowing that you can start small with an agency and grow into it when your business starts making your revenue. Make sure they are selling to you and truly showing what they can do for you and what past results have shown companies.