Business is not everyone’s cup of tea. Business to some comes naturally, but you can do wonders if you stick to it as a fish does to water. In today’s world, where “Online” is the new source of business, you need to be careful in choosing how and where to start your business.

There are a plethora of platforms that are available with excellent eCommerce features to entice big companies. But Magento has emerged as the most recognized eCommerce platform with over 509,516  active websites in the United States alone.

Magento is a PHP based open-source eCommerce platform, which is currently the backbone of all eCommerce technologies and ideal for both B2B and B2C domains. What makes it better than other platforms are its excellent features, user-friendly navigation, modular architecture, and the workforce that handles its website hosting.

Reasons Why Big Companies Choose Magento for E-Commerce

  1. Open-Source

Magento is an open-source platform that comes with three variants:-

  • The Magento Community Edition (free)
  • The Magento Enterprise Edition (paid)
  • Magento Go (paid and hosted on Magento’s servers)

 Out of the variants mentioned above, community edition is the most popular. It can be installed very quickly if you know Magento already and can add modules as per your choice; otherwise, you can search for an experienced Magento Development agency to do the needful. Magento has a vast library of modules at the Magento Connect/Marketplace from where one can find the desired module to add.

One of the most significant advantages of Magento is that the original code used by the programmers is available free, and you can make enhancements in it just by adding modules and components if you already know Magento coding skills. This feature of Magento makes it the most attractive and has made it number one out of all other platforms.

2. Modular and Scalable

Each business has different requirements. You need to identify what is required and how to present your business online so that it gets maximum user engagement. Once the requirement is finalized, you can ask the developer to add the modules in Magento CMS as required. 

Magento modular elements allow its users to customize the front end of the eCommerce site at any stage without affecting the back-end properties, giving users an experience that is both pleasurable and efficient. Its open-source feature allows it to scale the website without any hassle quickly and is entirely flexible to changes.

With Magento’s open-source license, the user can select any hosting service provider to deploy the code. Users can also switch from one website hosting service to another quickly, in case they wish to choose a better hosting service that provides more security. 

3. High Performance and Outstanding Efficiency

Website load time is significant in online business. It takes 3 seconds for a user to abandon a site if the website doesn’t load at the required time. Magento’s server response is quick and retrieves data in no time. Magento comes with reduced check out time and improved user engagement making it a solution that makes it to the top of the game.

Magento’s official documentation created by the community of Magento experts gives extra marks for standing out in the online business world. To track and analyze business growth, Magento has introduced a tool called Magento’s Business Intelligence, which can be used by both business and technical experts. It has all the tools to make your online store a successful eCommerce store. 

  1. Superior Support

Support operations are an integral part of a business for its growth and success. The technical support team of Magento takes their users very seriously and are always there to resolve their queries.

The team of active Magento developers works tirelessly to improve the platform’s performance and features to make it easier, faster, and seamless for its users.

5.Multi-Tasking and Multi-Store Management

One of the biggest advantages of using Magento is its multitasking property. Multiple functions like managing customer data, products, orders, and payments can be carried out from a single dashboard of the Magento eCommerce application.

Another side of Magento’s multitasking is multi-store management. You can create multiple stores and can handle them from one admin panel. This functionality of Magento simplifies the operations and controls multiple stores very efficiently.


Magento was developed explicitly for eCommerce websites and offers almost everything that an online store would need to promote and sell products. This is a high-performance platform where transaction and backend processes run efficiently, giving users a great user experience and owners, a significant revenue.

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