If you use a Macbook and feel worried about its parts, you have to search for the agencies or suppliers that provide Macbook computer parts. MacBook computer parts are not the same as ordinary computer parts; they are expensive and should be taken care of. Apple is the most successful company in terms of the IT sector. Here is the list of suppliers that provides Apple parts in the world.


China plays a crucial role in supplying apple parts around the globe. It has a larger share of apple parts production than America and Japan. The two major suppliers of Apple parts in China are Goertek and Luxshare. Both companies are trying to improve the manufacturing cost efficiency of the Airpods. 

· Luxshare- this company is in partnership with Apple in the production of Airpods. The company has eight supplier locations. Seven are placed in China, and one is set in Vietnam.

· Goertek- the company has its headquarter in China. This company has three supplier locations. One is in Vietnam, while the remaining two are in China. 


Taiwan is the first and largest supplier of MacBook computer parts. It is the oldest supplier as two major companies are related to Taiwan.

· Hon Hai Precision Industry- this industry is the only reason Taiwan includes Apple’s list. It is the oldest unit of Apple parts that supply in the world. This company contains thirty-five supplier locations. 

· Wistron- it is the biggest supplier in India. This company has three supply chains in China with two supplier locations in India. The main target for this company in India is to provide printed circuit boards for India’s iPhones. 

· Pegatron- this is another company that is based in Taiwan. This company supplies Macbook computer parts to around seventeen locations globally, including Korea, Japan, the Czech Republic, Singapore, and the United States.

United States

Apple has its dependency on the United States. It has many countries, including Broadcom, Qualcomm, Jabil, Intel, ON, Micron, Corning, and many others. Some are described here.

· Qualcomm is the biggest leader in supplying semiconductors, telecom, mobile, and many other products or service. This company is famous for providing many electronic components, including baseband processors, GSM/CDMA receivers, transceivers, and many other products.

· Intel- Apple has signed an agreement with Intel to take the majority of the smartphone modem business. Noe, Apple uses Intel processors in its systems and models. Apple has set up a strong network of 5G with the help of Intel. It supplies elements to nine locations. One location is in the US.

· BeetsTech- this USA company holds an exciting reputation in the repairing parts of Apple MacBook parts. It is among the largest store in the USA that provides various devices online. 

· iFixit- this company can repair anything regarding electronic parts. This company holds a significant position in the repair industry. This company will also let you learn to maintain the devices with the correct parts.