Wheel of Bitcoin is not the same as most other “spin-the-wheel” websites. Its main difference is that it offers no claim intervals and its payouts are instant. However, what most people need to understand is that wheel of Bitcoin is actually far from being a betting site.

What it is in fact is a Bitcoin faucet site which employs various methods to draw in players. Its main function is to provide players with an opportunity to obtain Bitcoins without having to risk anything. One of its main advantages is the fact that players will not be required to register for an online account to be able to spin the wheel.

With Wheel of Bitcoin you can get small amounts of the crypto currency. Over time they can accumulate to something substantial.

But how do you start spinning?

Well, the process is actually really simple. You only need to put in your email address, Xapo address or your Bitcoin wallet address.

The wheel features 8 sections with difference prices of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40. These prices are called satoshis. What is interesting about spinning this wheel is that the marker will always land on any of these prices so you will always win something.

Before you get to spin the wheel of Bitcoin, you will be required to select a power. There are 3 options here— Low, mid and high power. If for instance you choose the low power level, the wheel spins fewer times and vice versa.

The only thing that is required before you spin the wheel of Bitcoin is the CAPTCHA. The only downside to this is that it may take some time to load.

And there’s more!

You do not always have to be seated in front a computer to earn Bitcoins. Granted there are no mobile apps for Android or iOS but the website is mobile friendly allowing players to simply log in and spin the wheel.

What if I want to claim my Bitcoins?

This is a good question. After you’ve entered your Bitcoin wallet address, you will receive your winnings to this address. Note however that you can only claim after you’ve won a minimum of 5430 satoshis.

However, there is another way to claim them faster and it’s through the Xapo address. There is a link where you can open your own Xapo account on the Wheel of Bitcoin website.

If on the other hand you only entered your email address, you will still earn satoshis but to claim them you will at least need the Xapo address. To save yourself the time, simply open a Xapo account as soon as you decide to spin the wheel.

And it doesn’t matter which country you are located in. You can access wheel of Bitcoin from anywhere in the world.