So, you are ready to launch your first blog, but you don’t know where to start. You’re in the same boat as a lot of people. So, the first step is to figure out what your niche wants, so you know how to attract people and get them to remain subscribers

Once that step is tackled, you will have a better idea of what content you should include in your blog. Whether you choose to purchase blog writing packages or do the grunt work yourself, you need to ensure it is something consistent that you can stick with. Here are some of the more popular types of blogs that you can choose from. 


Instructional blogs provide detailed steps and information necessary to get something done. For example, you may give step-by-step instructions for how something should be done or offer a list of answered questions that provide people with the information they need to complete a task. Basically, when you choose this type of blog, you are trying to help your target audience solve a problem, get them to sign up for your email subscription service, and become a customer or follower. 


Often, you can expand a blog topic into a series. For instance, you might break each of your topics up into three segments that link together. Having multiple parts like this is a great idea if you want to create loyal followers that keep coming back to see your next article. 

Industry News

A blog that focuses on industry news will inform readers about the latest changes in their area of expertise, such as when marketers update readers about Google and Facebook advertisement changes and cooks provide coverage of the latest top chefs. When your industry often has hot news that draws a lot of attention, this can be a great way to create bursts of traffic and improve your website’s long-term exposure. 

Company News

Company news blogs are the best way to keep your customers updated on what is happening within your business. For example, you could update your readers about when you are in the news, who you’ve hired recently, and when your new products are ready for launch. This blog is handy for business owners who want to shape the way others see their company. It is effective because people like to know that there are other people behind the scenes at businesses. This makes your company more relatable and can deepen the connection you have with your customers. 


More than anything else, people loved a good list-based blog. For example, you can offer your readers anything that fits with your niches, such as the top 10 Superbowl sides for sports blogs, the 5 best ways to talk to your teenager for a family blog, or the 7 best ways to clean your hardwood floors for homecare blogs. In addition, most people love them because they use many headers, so you can easily skim through the content to find what you are looking for. These are especially important if you are looking for content that will lead to more shares on social media. 

The beauty of having a blog is that you can pick from almost any type. That said, if you want it to be effective and draw in clients for the long haul, you need to be consistent. In other words, you need to pick a type that you can stick to. Start by identifying the needs and wants of your target audience. Then, pick one of these types and post content that fits your theme for the best results.