Every day a new technology or tool is being introduced to this digital world. Organization are paying more attention on new technologies and strategies. Businesses are saying goodbye to traditional methods. Because traditional techniques are no longer producing desired results in this competitive world.

Top-notch technologies are ruling today’s world. It’s crucial for every company to adopt to these latest technologies and delivery mechanisms with the changing digital world. In order to get succeed, the business needs to keep up with instant changes towards delivering the product to their customers.

Software companies are facing challenges from every corner. It can be designing, testing, handling or delivering the product to business prospects. The imbalance structure in the industry can have a huge impact on the organization.

Happy news for all the software companies. Scaled Agile Framework is here to rescue.

What is a Scaled Agile Framework?

Scaled Agile Framework is the popular framework for scaling Agile around every business. Did you know, 75% of enterprises are using SAFe. Scaled Agile Framework sustain and grow business in terms of productivity, quality, fast delivery and improvement in team collaboration.

Scaled Agile Framework brings everyone together in the company. Also, it builds a bridge between top-level management and low-level management.

The Scaled Agile Framework is a leading approach to scaling Agile. The value of safe agile certification is growing every day. With more than 70% of the US Fortune, 100 businesses are using Scaled Agile Framework. The safe agile certification is important for a small and large organization to develop Agile projects. The demand for SAFe certified experts is growing in an exponential way.

There are a lot of benefits of using Scaled Agile Framework, it improves 50% in productivity and 75% defect reduction. Considering business, they mainly focus on providing quality services, customer engagement and improving ROI. These are the few basic reasons why many companies are adopting SAFe.

Following are the popular benefits of using the Scaled Agile Framework

Lightweight framework

Don’t have enough time to get a certification? Here is the solution for you. Scaled Agile Framework is a powerful lightweight framework.

Mastering the concepts of Scaled Agile Framework requires less time. You don’t need to spend years to get certified. SAFe offers a lightweight methodology, the visuals displayed on the home page can guide the user thoroughly. It includes the vision, objective, definition, features, testimonials, references, links and other important information.

Therefore the process of learning becomes mastering within no time. Companies can be least bother about resource availability. Organizations are encouraging their employees to get Scaled Agile Framework certification. Handpick the professionals in your company and recommending them to SAFe can be beneficial for employee and employer. Experts can learn and implement quickly.

Effectively handle complex projects

Scaled Agile Framework is specifically designed to develop and handle a large picture view of product development. By using Scale Agile Framework, you can effectively manage a coordinated strategy for a complex project. With limited resources and tools, you can deliver the product successfully. However, the Scaled Agile Framework is rooted in both agile and lean policies, it remains more effective than traditional strategies for software delivery.


Highly specific

People who are passionate about software development will love using Scalable Agile Framework. Because SAFe codifies and extends the agile practices for complicated products in a simple manner. On the other hand, SAFe provides brief about terms, concepts, measures, methodologies and practices to allow a software developer to implement them precisely. The ultimate goal of SAFe is to connect between agile and lean practices to develop software.

Agile practices are codified instantly

By integrating the SAFe framework the development process can be easily codified. No matter whether you’re a professional or a beginner, you can quickly learn the concepts of Scaled Agile Framework. For example, the definition for the product owner and scrum master can easily understand within a single click. It sounds interesting that everything is explained clearly and everyone can learn from the basics.

Ensures high quality

Quality plays a major role in customer satisfaction. Therefore organization undergoes various strategies to develop a quality product or service. In SAFe, quality is tested in every level such as dev tests, quality assurance test, environment tests and more. Always test product quality before delivering it to the customers. The SAFe helps in bring smiles on employees and stakeholders.

Manages backlog

At an initial point, teams don’t find the importance of SAFe. As moving forward to different levels, teams started noticing the importance of SAFe. It helps both dependencies and helps to manage the backlog.


Build a great relationship with teams

SAFe principles need a strong commitment from clients and customers as well. The SAFe framework is a commitment from every individual to the organization. Many people believe that implementing SAFe requires additional work. But, it’s a wrong statement. Nowadays, people have realized the importance of the framework, as it helps every individual person in the team to align. Also, the frameworks and practices are easy to understand that your team share maximum dependencies. It’s the best way to bring your team together. People involved in the program get involved to find the solution. SAFe also fulfil an important principle of agile personal development i.e getting team members to communicate with each other.

Benefit after SAFe implementation

Companies conduct meeting once or twice a month and discuss their previous month work and next month targets. Team members showcase their previous work and plan for the next product release. Teams found that Scaled Agile Framework help them in many ways such as

  • The team members are confident enough about the date and time of their committed task.
  • The team members and managers felt empowered to complete their given work.
  • Everyone in the company started focusing on adopting lean practices and minimizing the other production process.
  • Companies started using visual boards, this help team to stay focused.


Final Thoughts

All business process has been streamlined from defining the goals to providing flexible service to customers. Every process undergoes various checks to ensure quality. In the end, businesses strive to deliver a top-notch quality product or service to satisfy customers. Scalable Agile Framework has genuinely assisted organization to convey their business requirements and priorities to specific agile teams. There are lots of benefits of using Scaled Agile Framework, it improves 50% in productivity and 75% defect reduction. The key advantage of using SAFe, it takes care of everything and makes the entrepreneur work process easy. Also, the scaled agile framework offers an end-to-end solution and effectively handles complex projects easily.