Being a kid is just a wonderful part of life. In this age of impressive and massive technology, it is even better than ever before. Computer games have made life interesting. PS4 is a wonderful technology enjoyed not only by children but also adults.

Computer games are only exciting if you have the right tools for the game. You would not want your game to lag as you play. Sound must also be loud and clear for the game to be enjoyable. Headsets come in various specifications and qualities depending on the amount of money you are willing to part with.

Finding a ps4 headset can be quite a daunting task, especially if you are not abreast with the technology in the market. One of the most important things to consider is the type of gamer your kid is or even you are. There are people that play for only a few minutes to relax while there are others that could go on all day every day. Gaming is addictive, you know!

Wired or wireless?

Wired headphones come at a pocket-friendly price. They don’t need any signals and therefore, you are assured of uninterrupted gaming throughout. However, in the excitement of gaming, the wires could entangle and cause frustrations in the course of play.

Wireless headphones are the new trend. You have to part with a great deal of cash to acquire a set of these. Most use Bluetooth to connect with the player. With these, you do not need to worry about any wire. You can play and move around as much as you want. Where is the catch? You have to charge the wireless headphones regularly to keep enjoying its benefits. So if you are going to play for long, you must be ready to pause in the middle of the game to recharge your headphones.

Surround sound

If you can get 7.1surround sound, you are lucky! This is high-quality sound, trust me. The problem is that most companies claim that their products have this quality yet they do not. Actually, most products labelled 7.1 surround sound usually have virtual surround. For PS4, stereo sound is actually better because most surround sounds work better with PCs.

Closed back headset or open back?

The difference here is quite significant. Closed back, as the name suggests, means that the ear cups cover the ear fully and concentrates the sound in the ear. You will not hear sounds from outside and neither will others hear your sound. If you have this, everything you do is kept to yourself.

Open back headphones are open; the ear cups don’t cover the ear tightly. You can therefore get to hear sounds from the environment. In addition, others can also get to hear what is happening in your world. That sounds like great nuisance, right?

Well, the open back has the advantage of allowing free flow of air in the ears. For heated games that will make you sweat, you need an open back headset.

Comfort and quality

If you are going to game for ten hours or more, then you should never compromise on comfort. If you do, you will stop the game two hours into it. The padding should be soft and gentle on the ears. It should also be of the right fitting. If it is too tight, it could lead to build up of heat and consequently sweating, which does not sound good at all.

Most companies prefer using plastics for their headphones. This is to make them cheap considering other things also need to be considered such as quality of sound. However, plastics are susceptible to breakage and should be handled with a lot of care.

For a higher price tag, you can find headphones made of steel or aluminium. In most cases, such headsets have a premium feel and are durable. If you do not want to keep buying headphones, you can just save up a little more cash and get this. If you are shopping for a kid, plastics will keep you shopping around. Kids are not as cautious as adults are.

Noise cancellation technology

Do not fall into the trap of companies when they say their headphones have active noise cancellation technology. Usually, such devices only cancel the noise passively. Closed ear cups help with that. Loud sounds in the background can however still be heard. Most headphones that genuinely cancel background noise actively come at a high cost and most are not custom made for gaming. In that case, just go with the normal ones.

Find the right gaming tools and keep the game fun and enjoyable. Be careful not to be taken advantage of by those who are out to make money.