Unlike the companies in the past 5 decades where the internet was not so much known and prevalent, you have a task of keeping your brand at the top. According to a study conducted in the United States, there was a conclusion that over 85% of consumers usually conduct their research over the internet whenever they want to buy a product or hire a service. From the information they get on the internet, they proceed to make a purchase decision.

From that study, you can learn that, if your business is not well represented on the internet, you will end up losing a whole ton of customers. One way to keep yourself a delight of many online and offline customers is having a great logo. A logo can be called the heart of your company because it is the first thing that your customer sees whenever dealing with you.

You should ensure that the essence of your logo is for advertising purposes that’s why it is always advisable that it should be memorable. If a customer’s attention is caught by your logo, your business is better placed to win that customer. The way you design your colors could determine the thin line between your success and failure. Nevertheless, mistakes do happen to both established and starting companies and business. Here are some of the common mistakes in making a logo design:

  1. Making it too complex

This is one thing that will destroy your efforts no matter how much you have invested in your project. The result of a complex logo will be frustrating. A complex logo has a lot of confusing things. It usually has conflicting colors and images. You can easily lose your brand recognition and legibility by simply adding too much into your logo. Always ensure that your design is simple, memorable, and clean in its appearance.

  1. Copying a successful design

This will definitely spoil your company image and reputation. Some companies usually copy designs from successful competitors so as to confuse the customers. Well, some companies have been successful in it for a while but when the scandal broke forth, they could not last long in the market. Copy-pasting another business logo is illegal. It is advisable to check the logos of your competitors whom you are within the same market. Strive to be unique.

  1. Using awful fonts

As a logo designer, always know that the font of the texts in your logo communicates the tone and sometimes the personality of your brand.  Making a bad decision in choosing your font can make or completely collapse your business. Do a research of the fonts that match your business style.

  1. Color clashing

Just as people color clash in their dressing even in logo designing, there is a mismatch of colors that will destroy your company. It is always advisable to start designing using black and white colors before incorporating other colors.

  1. Being driven by the trending things

This is one practice that will actually make your business or company fold up. A good logo should be timeless. That means that it should be relevant even in the next 50 years to come. Never use trends in your logo designing, just represent your brand.

  1. A disconnect between the logo and the brand

Every logo must have a well-displayed connection to the purpose of the company or the industry the company is operating in. A good logo has a visual identity it gives to its customers depending on the industry they are based in.

  1. Using the wrong designing tools

A great logo creator is needed to avoid having blur logos when they are resized.  In a normal circumstance, a good logo should be versatile in that it remains clear whether it is shrank or enlarged.

  1. Assuming that Customers will understand

Although a good logo should be simple, some companies have taken it to the extent of confusing their customers. Some just make a logo and leave the customers to fill the blanks and understand what they are offering. That’s a company that wants to fold up.  Never be afraid to key in your details.


If you can just make your company logo memorable and unique, you can be sure to overcome your competitors in the market. A great logo will always convey the personality and tone of the company’s brand. Designing a logo has never been easy although a novice may see a company logo and think it is simple yet it has taken years for the designer to come up with the design. Always take your time in designing and your customers will be pleased by the outcome.