If you are looking for a reliable presentation tool, consider using Google Slides. This presentation platform is free to use and available through Google Drive. Interestingly, you don’t have to download the software to use it. Therefore, many users flaunt it as an attractive alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint, and for good reasons.

While Google Slides may not be as feature-heavy as PowerPoint, it comes with unique features that are pretty impressive. For example, the intuitive interface makes it easy to use for professional presentations. Besides, it is a web browser-based application that allows for real-time collaboration and coordination.

Furthermore, you can leverage its mobile app to work offline, especially when you don’t have an internet connection. In the same breath, take a look at other features of Google Slides you should leverage for the best presentations.

Create or Change Google Slide Themes

How your presentations look influences what people think of it and the impression they get about your business. Providentially, the Google Slides app doesn’t lock you into a single look for your presentations. Instead, it comprises some basic Google slide themes in its free version, and more advanced graphics and pro features in the Premium Google Slides templates.

You can easily change the theme of every slide by creating a Master slide. The Master slide feature allows you to design one consistent style throughout the presentation for a more unified look. To use the feature, go to the top menu bar and click on “Slide.” Next, click “Edit Master.”

Changing the theme in all slides is also easy. Right-click on any text or image on the Master slide and select “Add to them.” Next, click “Master” to apply the text style or place a picture on every slide in the presentation.

Furthermore, Google Slides allows you to import more themes if you don’t want to use the built-in ones. Go to the bottom of the toolbar, click “Theme,” and click on “Import Theme” at the bottom of the Theme pop up.

Personalized Font Library

Google Slides allows you to access and utilize the entire Google Fonts library. The library is home to over 800 fonts that enable you to bring some variety to your presentations. Markedly, you can access all these fonts from within Google Slides by clicking the “Fonts” drop-down in the toolbar. Next, select “More Fonts” to open a new window with a myriad of Google Fonts.

From here, adding a new font to your Google Slides is as easy as clicking on the font you want. Once you select a font, it will turn blue with a small tick to its left. Similarly, you can deselect any fonts you don’t want to appear in the drop-down list.

Sync Sides Across Multiple Decks

With Google Slides, it is easy to sync slides in different decks. In other words, when you update a specific slide in one device, the changes automatically reflect across all the synced slides sitting in separate decks. The feature comes in handy when your slides contain information that you need to update regularly.

Instead of going into each deck to make the changes manually, you update the initial slide only and sync across the board at once. To achieve this effect:

  • Go to the slide panel, right-click the slide thumbnail for the specific slide you want to use in multiple presentations, and click “Copy.”
  • Next, open the presentation you want to paste the slide into and click on “Paste” after right-clicking.
  • A small white box entitled “Link options” will appear.
  • Select “Link slides.”
  • The link button that appears will give you the option to “Unlink” the slide or to “Open Source.” This allows you to view the original slide.
  • For any information or content you updated in the original slide, the linked slide will give you the option to “Update.” Clicking “Update” will apply the changes to the linked slide too.

Overall, syncing your slides gives you the ability to gain mobility to access your work from anywhere you go. With the right tools, you can run Google Slides remotely on your tablet, desktop, smartphone, or other iOS or Android device. 

Access to Other Apps Through the Side Panel

Google Slides allows you to incorporate other G Suite apps to boost productivity. For example, the side panel enables easy access to applications like Calendar, Tasks, and Keep.

Being able to open these applications in the same windows is one of the features of Google Slides that let you remain on top of multiple workloads. In addition, it ensures you don’t get distracted from your work. As an illustration, Google Keep allows you to insert your saved Keep notes straight from the side panel onto the slide. 


Explore is one of the handy Google Slides features built into the platform and other apps like Google Sheets and Docs. You will see it in the bottom right corner of the screen. Once you click on it, it launches a search feature to let you browse Google Images, the web, and YouTube videos. Furthermore, you can browse your Google account to access Google Photos, Google Docs, PDF files, and other drive files.

Similarly, it works the same way as the side panel to let you do more from within a single tab. As such, you don’t need to leave Slides to find the resources and assets to build your presentation.

Final Thoughts

When you compare the slide features of Google Slides to other presentation software, you can see the platform offers some benefits over other tools. In the final analysis, Google Slides is a web-based tool ideal for collaboration and productivity. Notably, the features go a long way in helping you meet your professional presentation needs. Moreover, it evidently has what it takes to replace the Microsoft Office option.