Crosley is a well-known brand known for it’s making of stylish but affordable turntables. If you are a younger generation lover of “vinyl” and their special sound you will also like this kind of belt-driven record players. Well, here are exactly the 5 best on them available on the market.

The list:

Crosley CR8005A-TU Cruiser Portable 3-Speed Turntable, Turquoise

The sound coming from this good looking turntable is really top-quality one, and the speakers are also crafted well. Crosley CR8005A-TU produces exactly that nostalgic vintage sound that many who want to buy old records like because it’s got an outstanding tone arm. It is very easy for use, and instructions are quite simple, so, I warmly recommend this turntable!


  • Belt-driven record player
  • NP6 needle
  • Reliable tone arm
  • 3 speeds
  • Dynamic speakers ( full range stereo)
  • Great jack outputs (RCA and headphone ones)


  • Skips sometimes on some tracks

Crosley CR49-TA Traveler Turntable with Stereo Speakers and Adjustable Tone Control, Tan

This record player is a belt-driven effective machine, despite that it’s having some smaller speakers. But those produce enough of the good sound, and also the volume is very satisfying. If you are not someone who will only sit and listen to the records then this player is really for you. And, there is a plenty of room for improving the sound even more here, all that you need is to use a 3.5mm and the tiny boom box to jack some audio out, so try it!


  • Belt-drive turntable
  • Plays 3 types of speed, the fastest is 78 RPM
  • Cool classic vintage look
  • Great tone control
  • Dynamic speakers


  • For example, sometimes spins on 36 rpm’s instead of normal 33

Crosley CR6019A-BR Executive Portable USB Turntable with Software for Ripping & Editing Audio, Brown & Black

You will admire the sheer style of this record player because it will really serve the purpose of being an old type of regular turntable without having classic “vintage” appearance. And also at the same time, this is the unique characteristic of this one. Dynamic speakers and very nice suitcase enclosure are some of the main positive traits of this record player, which means that you will not be disappointed with this product.


  • Belt driven record player mechanism
  • RCA audio out, Auxiliary input, and USB link with Mac or Windows PC
  • Suitcase enclosure that is superbly vinyl-wrapped with some brass plated real quality hardware
  • Dynamic speakers (full range stereo)
  • Completely automatic great tone arm


  • Weak needle

Crosley CR704C-PA Musician Turntable with Radio, CD Player, Cassette, and Aux-In, Paprika

This is a really cheap, but very durable item that can play some older records at 3 different speeds, and also plays CDs, cassettes, and has a pretty radio. Most of the products of this type of quality cost much more than this one because they apparently need some useful equipment like better types of speakers and amplifiers, but Crosley CR704C-PA is a clear exception. You will not complain after listening some music on this astonishing turntable.


  • Belt driven turntable plays
  • 3 speeds
  • Portable audio
  • AM/FM radio
  • Dynamic speakers (full range stereo)


  • Not so good needle

Crosley CR6232A-BR Nomad Portable USB Turntable with Software for Ripping & Editing Audio, Brown

The Crosley CR6232A-BR, is the last one on this list, and it is great portable record player that has amazingly nice sound, and the background noise is not the problem here. There are no totally loudspeakers here, bot otherwise they are pretty clear. Overall, this product is truly affordable, and it has more ten solid, almost outstanding belt-driven mechanism that will do the job well.


  • NP5 Needle
  • Reliable record player belt-driven mechanism
  • Portable USB
  • 3 speeds, 78 RPM is the highest
  • RCA output, also firm Auxiliary input
  • Top-quality cabinet ( vinyl wrapped, wood style)


  • Tone arm looks somewhat cheap


You don’t always need a fancy looking extremely expensive turntable to acquire a better sound from your records. Crosley turntables will give you just that, a truly wonderful experience for a very moderate amount of money. I hope that you will choose one from this list and that you are satisfied with this review.