If you have noticed carefully then you would have observed that more and more people are doing podcasts. In this age of the internet, people are more interested in celebrity podcasts than interviews. You also have a rising trend where professional gamers live-stream themselves while playing a game. There is also an increase in the number of YouTubers all around the world. The one thing that is common among all these people is a mic. But they will not be holding the mic as a reporter does. The mic will be fixed on to a mic stand.

When you watch any podcasts or gaming videos of professional gamers you will see that the mic is close to their mouth fixed to a metal bar. That bar is the arm stand for the mic. Now, many people may think what is the point of having an arm stand when you can place the mics on the table. After all, they are designed to capture the sound clearly. True, but when you place the mic on a table it won’t be as loud and as clear as it would be when it is near their mouth. Apart from that, the table may also create some vibrations at times this may cause disturbances in the sound recording. When you are using a microphone for recording something you cannot have disturbances. Having disturbances will only make it sound amateur or unprofessional and nobody wants that. 

There is a product that will be best for you if you are looking for an affordable mic arm stand. That is the Tonor T20 Mic Arm Stand.

What is a tonor T20 mic arm stand?

Tonor T20 microphone arm stand is a mic stand that is the product of the company Tonor. For those who don’t know, Tonor is a company that produces professional recording devices and their accessories. This company is becoming quite popular these days as it is offering recording devices and accessories for affordable prices. The main aim of the company is to provide audio recording devices to aspiring artists and performers for cheaper prices. Even the founder of the company Kevin Richards is a singer and performer himself. The brand was created so that upcoming and homegrown artists do not find it difficult to buy a recording setup. Apart from the microphones, their accessories are other things that are great about Tonor. And one of those things is the tonor T20 mic stand.

One can easily mount this suspension boom arm microphone stand on to their desks. You can reposition the microphone to any angle you want after it is installed. There are quite a few things you will get if you order the microphone stand. You will receive a mic clip (a clip that holds your mic), a boom arm (two metallic bars with movable joints), a desk clamp (through which you can attach the microphone to your desk). Apart from these, you will also get a detachable pop filter, a foam cover, four cable ties, and ⅜ inch female to ⅝ inch male thread adapter. It also comes with a two-page instruction manual and a warranty card. The most important thing is that the base can rotate 360° so that you can turn it to any side of the table. The arm length is more than two feet, it is made of steel and can hold weight upto 4 pounds. 


The first thing you have to do is clamp the base to your table or desk. You will be able to do this as long as your table’s thickness doesn’t exceed 2.4 Inches. The pentagon-shaped base will provide a stable platform for the arm as it occupies a good amount of surface. Even the vibrations of the desk will not impact the sound too much as the bottom of the base is made up of rubber. The metal rod connecting the base and clamp extends a few inches under the table so that you can hook your microphones. But make sure that you choose the right spot on your desk to attach your microphone stand. If you attach it to the sides which are far from the center then you may find it difficult to speak into the microphone. Attach it to a side that is less than two feet far from you.

After attaching the clamp you have to attach the arm. Take the lower section of the arm that has steel rods and place it into the base. The arm has a cylindrical portion at the end that will go into the base. Since the lower arm has three rods it will be capable of providing strong support to the other arm. The third and final step is to attach the microphone to the upper arm. If you are using one of Tonor’s microphones then you can screw the adapter to the mic clip and then screw it to the upper arm. Remember that the clip is designed for cylindrical microphones so you might find it a bit difficult to use it to hold rectangular microphones. After that attach the pop filter to the arm. Make sure that you place the pop filter hanging from the top of the microphone. Once you do that your microphone is ready to use. The upper arm can extend 180° vertically and the pivot 270° so you can position it anywhere you want. 

Design and Performance

Well, there is nothing fancy about the design of the tonor T20 mic stand. The design of this microphone stand is quite simple as it is designed just to serve the purpose. There are two adjustable sections to the stand using which you are able to position the mic wherever you want. The entire setup is of black color. You don’t have to worry about the durability of the rods as they are made of steel. 

The performance of the product is great. Its flexibility is what makes it very great and easy to use. You can attach any type of microphone to its arm with ease. The microphones can be adjusted to face up or face down. A tightened clamp provides solid support to the arms to which any microphone can be connected. It can hold the microphones without slipping or dropping them. Even the position of the microphones will not change. The setup doesn’t include a shock mount but it is compatible with one. This is a great mic stand for such a low price and you can even get Tonor T20 Mic Arm Stand on amazon.


  • Great durability as it can withstand 4 pounds of weight. 
  • Compatible with almost any type of microphone in the market.
  • You also get a pop filter.
  • The upgraded desk clamp with an earphone hook.
  • High-cost performance.

Bottom line

If you are looking for an affordable mic stand that is both flexible and solid then go for tonor T20 Mic Arm Stand. It not only works with Tonor’s microphones but also with heavier microphones offered by companies like Blue Yeti. This is a great mic stand for gaming and podcasting. It is a great mic stand for its price range.