The contemporary world has become completely dependent on mobile phone. Life without a mobile phone would mean soldier without a sword. Mobile communication has crept into all spheres of human activities. It has it’s utility in every occupation, by every people, for every reasons; be it be for learning, be it be for guidance, be it be for merry making, be it be for love making, be it be for hatred, be it be for scolding, and what not! Interestingly, mobile phone and its utilities has not only cantered around verbal communications, it has included texts, audio-visuals, photography and many other component a common man can never imagine.

Everybody necessarily require a set of mobile phone, but then what kind of set is the question. Generally speaking any kind or any type of mobile device can fit into any type of communication or may be other utilities, but one may not get satisfied, or his/her accomplishment may not be up to the mark without a suitable mobile device with appropriate features required to accomplish the task. Let’s say, somebody wants to watch a video by his/her father’s old handset belonging to 1990s will never be possible. Similarly a cheap pirated mobile purchased from street corner will never serve the purpose of a professional photographer. In this context “Finding a right mobile phone” for a specific purpose becomes not only important but mandatory.


Finding the Right mobile:

There are 100s and 1000s of tips you will find in your search to find a right mobile which will serve your purpose. Normally all tips are around iOS or iPhone and Android as they are the latest and popular operating system. Therefore you should also be prepared to choose an iPhone or opt for an Android before you go to market to buy a mobile. Let’s take a pause here and look what people give us on tips while finding a right mobile.

  • Either choose an iPhone or opt for an Android:The first step before you take the decision to buy a phone says thatif you prefer easy operating system without any complications choose an iPhone. This also gives you latest apps and timely updating facilities. If you are more concerned about the affordability and the cost-effective aspect in relation to your utilization then opt for an Android. This gives you more hardware choices.
  • Paying much does not ensure that it’s a right phone for you: You need not spend much of your money when youchoose an iPhone or opt for an Android. There are high cost mobiles like iPhone X, Galaxy S9, and other phones staring at around 800 USD and go up to or more than 1000 USD. On the other hand there are also cheaper mobiles with comparatively similar features.
  • Size matters a lot: If you have small hands/slim fingers and prefer one hand use then there are phones with smaller screen of 5.5 inches which you can select for yourself. If you are fond of watching videos, prone to video games,play and win games, YouTube etc. then choose big-screen phones. You have 5.8 inches Galaxy S8 which also fits for one hand operations.
  • Display, Brightness & colour quality are important: Whether you choose an iPhone or opt for an Android, its display, brightness and quality of colour is important even more than the resolution. If you spend much of your time outside in the sunshine brightness you must buy a phone which gives better display in terms of brightness. In this case AMOLED and HDR are better than LCD.
  • Camera: If you are passionate about taking snaps or shots, you need to be specific about specs, like aperture, dual lenses, optical image stabilization etc. Try not to give importance to megapixels.
  • Processor: Processors have no more relevance as even midrange phones offer better performance. But if you are concerned about power because of your games opt for an Android with a Snapdragon 835 processor. If you are more concerned about fastest mobile chips choose an iPhone like iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X, which best suits you.
  • Battery:Either you choose an iPhone or opt for an Android, battery matters a lot. You seriously need to search which phone gives you longer battery life like one charge for a daylong usage. Even affordable low cost phones are now a days giving long battery life options.
  • Storage:Its fine with microSD card inserted to your mobile to enhance storage of your phone. But it will be prudent for you to get a mobile which has at least 32 GP memory storage to save your videos and audio. There are phones offering 64 GBs now a days for your convenience.
  • Network Coverage: Network receptive aspect of a mobile phone plays a significant component while buying mobile phone. Verizon, T-Mobile, MetroPCS are some of the best wireless carrier for better coverage and high speed functioning.


You can find lot more useful and necessary tips if you spend more time in searching which phone suits you well based on your utilities. However it is also important not to be carried away with hell lot of suggestions, tips and recommendations which will end you up with puzzles and confusions while getting a suitable devise you want to get. puzzle games or board games do not require a lot to run. Their online equivalents could be games made by the casino industry, whereas by playing themed online slots or any type of games that the industry creates, most if not any processor could handle them as there are apps for these games as well, which means that browser based gaming is not necessary per say, though some still opt for it when it comes to gaming on mobile. High tier games however may be a challenge for some mobile phones. Even the cheaper phones that  have solid hardware are cheap for a reason. While their hardware looks similar if not the same as that of expensive phones, it’s built by smaller companies that produced it quickly, so it’s not top quality and phones tend to overheat if used extensively. There are reports that some tech companies like Google want to create a cell phone that you can buy whereas you can modify any part of it you want. But it’s common knowledge that the phones won’t be top selling products soon because higher players still hold the monopoly. When choosing a phone, the selection must be carefully made, to fit one’s individual needs even in 2018.