Selling products online isn’t an easy task. While it may seem on the face of it to be a simple and straightforward endeavor in the age of the consumer, it’s actually very difficult for most providers to cut through the noise and establish a customer base. Demand for online purchasing is high, for example – and it’s often difficult for suppliers to gain a strong market share.

There are ways around the problem though. Those who are the most successful in the online product marketing business know the tips and tricks required for developing a highly converting advertising campaign that delivers customers – and from organic methods to highly optimized and tweaked paid-for campaigns, there are plenty of options out there.

Organic advertising

First of all, it’s worth seeing if you can optimize your online store using organic methods that don’t require payment. There are plenty of methods out there to use. Investigating what search terms people in your niche are using is a good first step as you’ll then be able to extract relevant terms and weave them into your listings. Staying ahead of the curve on this is vital as it’s an ever-changing environment for sellers. Take the Amazon backend keywords that visitors don’t see: these were recently limited in length, meaning that sellers had to be on the ball so that they could update their listings and continue to rank.

However, there are also other trade tips and tricks that those who are successful in the online product marketing space often use. Some of the most successful sellers have built hyped followings around their products using free tools such as Facebook groups and Twitter hashtags. Others use these methods without taking advantage of social media: by incentivizing satisfied clients to leave positive feedback on your seller page, perhaps through competitions or freebies, you may well be able to build a customer base that is not only recurring in nature but that contains brand ambassadors eager to spread the word about your offer.

Paid-for ads

Running paid advertising is often considered a shortcut to online product marketing success. By paying for advertising, you can in some cases achieve the same sort of results as many of the most successful organic methods that exist. The sort of paid-for ad routes that exist are diverse in nature, but perhaps the most obvious way to go is to advertise on Google thanks to its vast user numbers.

With other popular platforms such as Facebook now also offering paid-for advertising opportunities, you can easily take advantage of the large swathes of data that Facebook holds on users to ensure that your product offerings are targeted right at those who are the most likely to hit “buy”. Facebook now offers an in-built split testing feature that allows advertisers to drill down into successful ads and find out exactly what that crucial highly converting feature is – and leading marketers are taking full advantage of this.

Customer ambassadors

Whether you choose to adopt a paid-for approach or an organic approach (or, indeed, a hybrid of the two), it’s important to remember that in the long term, your customers will always be your main sources of marketing. Sometimes, this is quantifiable: if your customers leave product reviews, for example, then you may be able to use nifty sentiment analysis tools to track how many people have seen them – and hence monitor for any negativity.

However, one thing that you’ll never be able to track is the extent to which people will recommend you through word of mouth, either offline or in private messaging functions. For that reason, it’s often the case that your best marketing strategy will – in the long term – be good customer service. No matter how many adverts, competitions or other marketing strategies you run, you will ultimately need to make sure that you’re offering your customers what they want and are delivering it to them in a timely and appropriate fashion. The pros in the business all know that if you’re not doing that, then no amount of marketing will be able to cover it up in the long run.

If you’re starting out in the world of online product marketing, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the sheer amount of potential promotion avenues on offer. While there’s certainly no silver bullet to marketing success, there are some tips and tricks that you can employ to make your marketing as successful as possible. From the world of Facebook hype-building to the split testing tools designed to make your ads convert as much as possible, there are plenty of tools you can borrow from the experts to get ahead.