There have been many blogs, articles and insights at how the younger generation of Millennials are finding the internet boring. Whilst it’s true many will spend hours playing games or looking at social media selfies, many more will engage in the true expanses of the internet and the technology that intrinsically links to it.
Baby Boomers will never get tired of technology; they certainly won’t allow it to bore them to death. After all, the technology that exists today was never around during the years leading up to the end of the 20th century.

Now that this technology is here: it is to be savoured. Technology solves the wretched pain of boredom by providing us with so many interesting things to do. However, getting creative is often necessary.

Being bored, or in a state of boredom is now cited as a good thing. That bold statement should definitely be re-examined. It is true that during those down times, when there is nothing to do, we might sit and think. Moreover, it is true that we could get creative in that rest time. But why feel bored when technology holds the key to get you out of being locked in the doldrums?

Using search engines to find something you want exercises the mind and helps creativity. Teenagers and younger people are more likely to get bored quickly as they do not have the wisdom or experience enjoyed by the older generation.

The manner in which the older generation have taken to new technology is impressive, to say the least. These are the generations that never had a smartphone in their twenties, no drones or internet access through Wi-Fi and today’s technology is fascinating them to the point of exhilaration.
Just as no person alive today will stop and point at a car moving down the street and gasp, “Wow! Look at that wonderful piece of technology and innovative magic!” This is how today’s teenagers will look at technology and take it for granted. For them, it has always been there.

Sometimes all it takes is a leap of faith and a changing of the frame. Technology has helped us to work “smarter”. We achieve a lot more, for a lot less time. This allows more free time to get focused on those other magical steps available to us in the field of technology.
Today, technology has allowed us to learn a new language, shop around for goods and services based on the other side of the world. Even lottery players can now go international and play in big draws from all four corners of the planet.

Web designers exist all over the world and can provide services to help you build a dynamic website. All this is achieved without the need of moving out of your seat.
The great thing about technology is that it is still growing all the time. The concept of 5G innovation might well eradicate “boredom” from the dictionary.