The only constant thing is change. How many times have you heard that saying? Nowhere is it truer than in the world of social media. This high paced world is radically changing by the minute. It may be hard to keep up. That’s why we have put together some of the things we feel will shape this industry going forward. Take this as a heads-up to help you align your goals with where the world is going.

Short video

For years, video has been cited as one of the most engaging content forms on the internet. In 2020 we saw the proliferation of TikTok as the platform of choice. This is because people cannot get enough short videos. Think of the WhatsApp status, and Facebook stories, the popularity of this content format is apparent. Going forward, this trend is not expected to change. Many brands will continue to use short reels to entertain followers. 

Shopping in social shops

Easy payments have always been a priority for most stakeholders on the internet. But while easy, one-step options are excellent, companies need to play a balancing act with security. The market is expected to push for more integration of e-commerce platforms like Facebook shops and social networks. Customers can expect a shift in focus from established online retail shops to social shops. Social media is expected to remain the go-to portal for buying decision information.

Augmented reality

This technology allows you to infuse virtual elements onto a real set. We have seen an increase in the use of AR in 2020. Even in social apps, it has found much applicability. Instagram allows people to create personalised filters to use in the apps. This is fantastic for brands who will no doubt utilise it to create personalised marketing material.

Mobile-first approach 

Social media is unapologetic about its focus on mobile rather than desktop. There is no reason at all to imagine this will change going forward. If anything, we will see a doubling down with mobile getting more functionality.

That the future will be more and more mobile can be seen from the attention given to this different way of enjoying certain contents. A sector that over the years has proven to be a pioneer and farsighted on the web is that of online casino. Nowadays, nearly every casino listed on popular casino guides such as are designed with a mobile-first approach. The ample selection also houses plenty of live table games alongside their RGN counterparts. This also shows the importance given to the mobile section since now about 30% of players play either from a smartphone or tablet.

Personalised marketing 

This involves the use of customer data to make marketing decisions that will apply more to them. As we move into the future, social networks will understand us more. This means brands will need to create a promotion that caters to each niche. Reaching customers like this requires the use of social networks. So expect to see more resources being availed there rather than in other traditional media outlets.

Live streaming 

As network speeds and device technology improves, more content on social media is expected to be live-streamed. Customers will be able to enjoy news coverage as it happens. We can do this now, yes, but the trend is expected to boom in the future. Already we have seen many content creators jumping on the bandwagon.   

Content regulation 

This year, we have started seeing signs of what content regulation looks like on social media. Many posts which were deemed untrue were flagged. As social media tries to regulate itself, we are going to see more of these regulatory actions. You will need to think twice about what you are posting before you hit send. On the flip side, big brands will continue to align with matters that affect customers. 

Artificial intelligence

AI is a fact of life and we need to understand it. Social media platforms will continue to implement strategies to understand their customers better. Data of the stuff you look at is being analysed to better understand you. This information is ultimately required to match you with the right offers. Going forward, the use of AI is expected to increase and affect every area of our online experience.

There are many things to look forward to in the social media arena. What you can be sure of is that we will see more personalised offers. Brands will make full use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. This will help them understand the customer better and provide a better quality service. Social media is becoming more relevant. The issue of regulation will no doubt bring new rules of what is acceptable.