Technology companies are very popular for offering extravagant benefits for their employees. These tech companies make sure that they offer their employees the best working environment that will bring the best results.

It’s quite amazing that employees that work at tech companies enjoy free food, doctors, onsite gyms and long periods of different leave.

Some of the tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft dropped in ranking. Even though that might be the case, let’s look at all the best companies that have made it to the list. These ratings are carried out according to the employees’ feedback.


Apple is a tech company that is behind the iPhone, Mac computers, Apple Watch, along with many other exciting products. Some of the Apple products allow some of its users to play and enjoy online casino games for real money via sites like SA Gambling Sites.

The beauty of working at Apple is that there is so much room of personal growth. Therefore, if your objectives are to succeed then you will be the best surely.

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies is popular for making computers, laptops, gaming PCs, networking devices along with other products for high roller casino sites. According to employees, the workplace offers an amazing diverse and complete workplace environment. This has made most of the employees to grow and at the same time, that has improved the brand on its own.


This is the best social media giant in the world. Facebook is also the one that is behind the popular social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp along with its core app. Facebook has been offering its employees with the best platform to grow. This is very clear with their involvement in taking over WhatsApp and Instagram. Facebook has been dominant in the tech industry offering its users the best user-experience.