Without a second thought, getting links in 2019 is still a huge influence to rank your blog or website. Although it is a fact, small businesses still underestimate the power of link building. But it defines the domain authority and web pages. In fact, the higher the number of backlinks, it becomes easier to beat the competition. It is like a piece of cake, hence invest your effort and time in creating quality links to your site. Still have a doubt, whether or not you need to create links, then ponder over this research: 84% of SEO professionals believe that link building is an essential task for any business.

Moreover, every SEO professional confirmed that link building aids in boosting the search rankings very effectively. Besides, Google also confirmed ranking without the links is difficult and it’s a challenging task. As it is the #1 ranking factor. Furthermore, The Google Algorithm is itself based on links and that hasn’t changed since the inception of Google.

Now that you understand that link building is the prime, let’s go into the details and see what is link building and the strategies to implement.

What is link building?

The landscape for link building and SEO is constantly changing and the importance of generating high-quality links has been rising. Equally important, it is the need of the hour to understand the competitor backlink analysis and high-quality campaigns to compete and thrive online.

A link is an approach of acquiring hyperlinks from the referring site to the target page. It is simply a link from A to B. It is used to navigate among different pages on the internet. Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing uses these links to crawl the web and among the entire websites. There are many ways to build links which vary in difficulty. Most of the SEO experts agree that link building is one of the challenging tasks and spend most of their time trying to make it perfect.

Why Link Building is important?

There are many advantages to the link building, if you have patience then it will be obvious that they are still worthy to consider.

Link building regularly involves outreach to other related blogs and websites in your industry. This outreach aids in building relationships with many key influencers in your niche. The relationship can grow your online businesses and are highly trusted and regarded.

A strong link building helps in promoting and builds the brand.

Good links can improve traffic and ranking. If the site is relevant and highly-visited than, there will be higher chances of boosting sales also. Furthermore, there is a higher possibility of turning these sales into repeat customers.

For that reason, it is important to build the links and below are the few strategies to help you build high-quality links.


Link building strategies

Link roundups

It can be the best source of building contextual backlinks and gaining relevant traffic. The content or a short writeup is curated daily, weekly monthly and depended on more links. You can build links through link roundups by writing compelling blog posts on the trending topic of your niche. You can write a short writeup by giving a solution to complex problems. Through link roundups, you have an ample chance of getting referral traffic and contextual backlink without stealing or writing the guest post.

Search link roundup in SEO is a faster way to initiate spreading your content all through the websites. You can find suitable blogs by applying a simple method like week roundup, best posts and articles of the week etc.

Broken Link building strategy

On the planet of SEO, the effective and easiest link building strategy is broken links. You add value to someone’s blog or website by intimating them about the broken link. Besides, you are also providing a replacement for the dead link. Install CheckMyLinks from the Google chrome which is free. Now, you can find all the relevant pages with more outbound links. Even resource pages are relevant for this purpose. Use search strings and get useful resource pages for your niche.

For instance, if you are searching to build “White hat backlinks” to your guitar-related blogs then use the following search operator “Guitar top articles”. Then check all the listed pages for broken links. If you find any of the following messages on the page:

  • 404 Page not found
  • Bad Host
  • 400 Bad request
  • Bad URL, code
  • Empty
  • Timeout
  • Reset

Then the page has a broken link.

Now, it’s the last step. Send the blogger a friendly email and inform them about the broken link and ask for a backlink.


Spy on your competitor links

According to studies, it is proven that digital footprints can never be erased. Companies remain transparent and harness the data about an individual. Hence study the competitor backlink analysis and their user demographics in your niche. By understanding this you can find more possibilities and build relationships with relevant people. There are many tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush that offers the greatest insight into the performance competitor available. Furthermore, competitive link analysis provides a roadmap for you to work better.

Be a guest for podcasts

Podcasts are the greatest platform to interact with your target customers directly. It is perhaps the highest selling point for everyone to increase exposure as an authority in your niche. To pitch for podcasts conduct spot interviews by researching. Keep an eye on the trending topics and find the gap to discuss on the same. Draft an email relevant to the podcasts and address influencers by their first name.

At times, you can also be a guest and showcase your talents, share knowledge on the topic you know and position yourself well among your competitors. When you are a guest try to build a solid link building strategy by posting it on social media and linking the same to your site. All these things boost your SEO and earn quality backlinks for your site.

Skyscraper technique

By following this technique, create quality content for your niche and produce a better version. Follow a five-step process and apply skyscraper technique for your website and reach your goal of getting backlinks. In turn, share this with your influencers and be on the top of the world. For this, you need to follow a few steps:

Start an outreach campaign by generating backlinks for your website that requires a linkable asset. This can be achieved by creating shareable content that influencers can’t wait to share with their viewers.

Make your design stand out and create a longer updated content that covers unique details. For this, write a more detailed content than your competitors.

According to the research articles with more than 1000 words receive more views than the shorter pages. Moreover, backlinko proved that articles with 1890 words have more rankings on search engine.

Know the influencers who linked to your articles earlier for the same keyword. Personalize those close emails for your content and include in the mails what is that you’re going to give if they offer a backlink to your article. Atlast, don’t forget to follow up.

Backlink sources you have to detest

They are various types of links that you need to avoid having in your backlinks profile. Few of them are listed below

  • Google Algorithm doesn’t count the links equally. Hence you need to be careful. If the links are in the side brand, footer. They don’t carry much weight.
  • Don’t try to use black hat technique which search engines doesn’t encourage. If you follow then get ready to face the penalty and lose the traffic for your site.
  • Don’t get links from unauthorized sites. There may be a chance of being listed as a spam.

Backlinks that are not effective as of today

They are a few backlink strategies which aren’t effective now. So it is better to avoid those and focus on other strategies

Low-quality article submission. Search engines don’t add value to the duplicate/spun content. Even the page which has poor image quality. So avoid spam directories.

There are thousands of automatically generated links. Don’t buy them even if they promise to do so. They are low-quality links which result in a penalty by Google.

Avoid buying/selling backlinks and sponsored links. There should always be tagged to “no follow”. Otherwise, Google considers this as link schemes attempting to manage the page ranks.



To sum it up, if you are appropriately implementing the link building strategy then the rewards will be immense. A successful strategy always benefits the business and gets more exposure by increasing the rankings for your page. Apart from the above listed strategies, they are numerous ways in which your business can perform the link building that are vital for your campaigns.

Besides, set realistic goals and make sure that you’re using all the approaches appropriately. Tools like SemRush and Ahrefs can help you in competitor backlink analysis and plays a significant role in deciding the page ranking.