Although the gaming industry has been in bloom since a decade, the pandemic situation triggered the growth which resulted in approximately $200 billion increase in the industry revenue. 

With recent technological advancements, the face of gaming has completely changed. Now we are talking about virtual experiences, artificial intelligence, and the use of augmented reality to provide out-of-the-world experience to the gamers. 

Where Is Online Gaming Headed? 

The whole point of gaming is to enjoy the experience together with your friends or even strangers who love to play the same games. That is why online gaming has become quite popular on the internet. 

Online gaming has facilitated multiplayer connections as the new favorite trend. In fact, clients are now free to visit online casinos or online platforms that let them connect to thousands of other players within seconds and without any additional charges. 

Now with the introduction of software that helps the users share screens and interact openly,  players who are even countries apart can share the fun of playing multiplayer online games. 

Motion and Voice Control Have Made Things Easier 

Neat features like control via motion and voice have made it convenient for players to learn new games. 

They actually make the play so much more interesting! Imagine shouting at the screen or moving along with your hands as you intend to turn the car around. Fancy, right? It won’t be a surprise to soon see players having actual conversation with the characters behind the screen. 

Mobile Gaming Has Helped The Industry Expand At Full Speed 

There is no denying the fact that mobile gaming is one of the most widely used modes of multiplayer gaming. We have seen a boost in the number of people opting to connect with others via mobile and play board games like chess, etc. 

Moreover, mobile games are also convenient to download and play. In some cases, you can learn more about your favorite game like Minecraft through community platforms accessible via mobile apps. 

Augmented Reality For An Immersive Gaming Experience 

Perhaps one of the most exciting technological advancements that the gaming industry has seen is the introduction of virtual or augmented reality that allows the players to experience the thrill of gaming as if they were an actual part of it. 

Both, the use of virtual reality and augmented reality, has helped create possibilities for the growth of multiplayer gaming that never existed before. Best part? This is just the beginning. We are yet to see the extent to which VR and AR can change the face of gaming in the future. 

Most Gaming Accessories Are Becoming Portable 

It is a huge plus that most of the things you need for gaming like keyboards, consoles, or speakers, are becoming portable. You can easily stay connected with the players on the other side of the screen even when you are on the go. 

Although portability is currently more of an advantage for solo players, we are hopeful to see the trend picking up for multiplayer gaming as well. 

Wrap Up

To recover all the technological advancements in a single piece of writing is beyond the scope of this article. For example, in addition to portability, VR, AR, and the introduction of online gaming, the world has also seen drastic improvement in the graphics and screen power of the gaming devices. 

But that is a story for another time! 

Undoubtedly, the gaming industry is growing at a pace that it is almost hard to stay on top. Maybe by the time you are reading this article, there have already been a hundred new advancements in the fields we mentioned above. As tiring as it may seem, we are excited just like you to try to keep up!