Technology is advancing faster and faster with each coming year. In 2022 alone, we have seen a host of interesting tech trends, several of which we’ll explore below. If you’re into technology and want to learn a little more of what this year has to offer, keep reading!

1. Increased Computing Power

There seems to be no end to the amount of computing power our world can harness. With considerable cloud infrastructure these days, we’re seeing IT support from managed service providers becoming a normal part of doing business. Gone are the days of handling website design, online maintenance, and data protection in-house. Today’s business IT needs are outsourced to professionals who understand computing power and how to use it effectively. 

2. Smarter and Smarter Devices

Remember when smartphones first came into existence? It was unbelievable how much they could do to make life easier – the convenience factor was out of this world. In 2022, we’re seeing an increase in smarter and smarter devices. From autonomous cars, intelligent TVs, and AI robots that work side by side with humans to get the job done, it won’t be long before the Internet of Things (IoT) spreads into every aspect of modern life. 

3. Quantum Computing

While we’re on the subject of computing power, let’s talk about quantum computing. Quantum computing, or the processing of information represented by different quantum states, has the potential to give us computing power trillions of times greater than today’s typical supercomputer. In 2022, quantum computing could very well change the way we tackle problems like portfolio management, logistics, and drug innovation. 

4. Better Data Collection and Storage

Data is probably the most important asset of any business. Through data, we can research trends, understand customers better, and gain insight into what works and what doesn’t. Digitizing data allows for easy storage and access within a company. It’s also much easier to protect and prevent data loss thanks to cloud-based disaster recovery services

5. Extended Reality

Everyone’s heard of virtual reality (VR), and many have already experienced it. Augmented reality (AR) continues to advance, with today’s VR devices being lighter-weight and more convenient. Rather than bulky devices that band around the head, sit heavy on the nose, and need a Wi-Fi network to operate, modern VR devices fit more like actual glasses and can connect to any smart device with Bluetooth. The more comfortable fit and advanced connection capabilities deliver a superior VR experience unlike any before. 

6. AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been around for ages, but AI today is much different from the AI of yesteryear. In 2022, artificial intelligence enables machines to learn. Using digitized data and impressive computing power, organizations all over the world are creating advanced AI experiences for the masses. 

AI makes it possible for machines to see, hear, and recognize speech and visual clues. Machine vision, as it’s called, is a key trend in the 2022 AI world. Computers can see and identify specific items from videos and photographs, as well as conduct language processing to understand human voices and reply accordingly. 

Also trending this year is drag and drop interfaces. These low-code or no-code platforms offer limitless capabilities, especially if a hybrid automation model is adopted, bringing in the benefits of Robotics Process Automation (RPA). 

The roaring 20s are already shaping up to be quite a decade for technology. With supercharged computing power, artificial intelligence, and machine learning already trending this year, it’ll be exciting to see what the second half of 2022 brings.