Who doesn’t love games? The Dopamine flush and the adrenaline rush one experiences through gaming has made it one of the most popular hobbies of people in the 21st century. Not just for fun but on a highlighted note, an increasing number of people are choosing gaming as a serious career choice permanently. From playing simple brick games on monster-sized monitors to interactive, virtual reality, augmented reality enabled modern-day games, gamers and the gaming industry have come a very long way. Without the intervention of technology, it’s really hard to even imagine where the gaming industry would have remained struck.

 Gaming has now taken many shapes, racing games, arcade games, simulation games, action games, strategy-based games, interactive games, VR Games, AR Games, Multiplayer games. With the advent of advances in programming, animation and visual effects, games have altogether become an integral part of the lives of teenagers across the world. Let’s see how technology is revolutionizing the gaming industry and games as a whole and leaving game players mesmerized.

Live Casino Games

From blockchain casinos to virtual reality games online gambling platforms are offering dozens of new casinos 

The live dealer technology that paved the way to live casinos with real dealers is one of the reasons behind the insane growth rate of the online gambling market. Gamers can now play blackjack, poker, roulette, card games all while enjoying the authentic feel of the casino.

3D Rendering & Graphics:

People who had their childhood and teenage in the 90s might have played many video games, which are 2D or 2-dimensional games, these games are now replaced by more attractive and engaging games, thanks to advances in 3D rendering, modelling and image generation. 3D games leave a greater positive influence on the players in terms of satisfaction, appeal, thrill and overall gaming experience.

3D graphics have enabled game developers to add more and more details to the games, making the experience even more thrilling. 3D graphics also enabled game developers to include fine textures, skins, objects and many other attractive elements to a game.

Multiplayer Games:

Games are more fun when you play them with the people you love. Playing games without companions is an idea that belongs to the bygone era, thanks to internet connectivity, which has made it possible for users to play games in real-time with their loved ones, not just across the blocks, but across the oceans. Simultaneous playing helps gamers in increasing the team’s working skills, management skills and crisis management capabilities. Multiplayer games are also a great source of joy and opportunities to improve the bonds with friends and family.

Facial recognition: 

Thanks to machine learning algorithms, now games are being taught to recognize the facial features of the player and enabling the player to play the game with an avatar that exactly looks like the gamer. This technology helps in increasing the engagement of gamers with the games and provides an immersive experience to the gamers.

Gesture/ Motion recognition:

Gaming consoles are now available with motion sensors for gesture detecting sensors which enables players to connect with the game physically and helps them in not just playing the games but living it! Various action games, simulation games, sports games developers include gesture recognition components to the game, making it even more enjoyable to the player. Along with providing a real-life gaming experience, it is also helping gamers to burn some calories by shooting the enemies or hitting the ball.

VR games / Virtual reality games:

VR consoles look like something straight out of science fiction. Gamers ardently describe the VR gaming experience as an out of the world experience, as the dream world gets manifested as a Pandora right before their eyes. The VR headset has to be worn by the players and then the rest is living the game. Lately, the gaming industry has experienced soaring demand for the development of VR games.

AR games / Augmented reality games:

If VR games are straight out of science fiction, then AR games could be deemed as something straight out of Fantasy! Augmented reality is the new talk of the town in the gaming industry and has to pick up pace in capturing a wider market share in the gaming industry. In AR gaming, gadgets, applications and gaming interfaces are designed in such a way to provide an immersive, near life gaming experience to the gaming, thanks to the advances in technology, the price tags on AR gaming equipment are getting smaller every other day, which would have otherwise touched skies. AR technology has completely revolutionized the way games are played.


There is not even a single known person not using a smartphone in this wide, blue world. Smartphones have become an integral part of the lives of people. Wider availability and handy nature has enabled smartphones to perform another important function, which is to act as a gaming console as well. Not so many years back the gaming community was split over PC gaming and console gaming, but lately, a new class has emerged and that is nothing but the mobile gaming community. Game developers have noticed this paradigm shift and they have quickly moved pawns to cater to the growing mobile gaming community. Multiplayer games, racing games, action games, strategy games, VR Games and what not, everything is now available in mobile versions on both android and IOS platforms. Companies are often bringing lite versions of their games to increase the traction of gamers from developing countries, who have limited access to the internet.


Technology is ever-changing. It imparts this quality to whatever domain it gets applied to! An increase in the affinity of all ages, sections and regions of people towards gaming has brought many advances and transformations into the gaming industry. Humanity has also come a long way from playing monotonous, lacklustre games to modern-day games, which confuse between the game and actual life. In this busy world, where everyone is hustling to do something, people are realizing to take a pause and do what they love. Technology is helping them in automating the mundane jobs and playing their favourite games one more time. Advances in programming, animation, wearables technology, internet connectivity have changed the way games are played and games are felt. Next time you play a game, remember you are not just playing it, but almost living it.