Big things come in small packages. Have you ever heard of this proverb? Yes!! The same goes for your investment strategies for building wealth. This is the world of technologies where everyone is having smartphones in their hands. You can have anything in that six inches small mobile screen. Including investments.

Heard it right!! This tiny mobile can handle investments in real-time.Select like a pro from the range of investment apps in a more convenient way by researching, studying and analyzing the investment decisions. That’s a good deal!! Isn’t it?

Now the question in demand is are you a pro-investor or the newbie entering into your 18s and wants to take risks by yielding highest returns. Whoever it may be, thoroughly understand the strategies and take a bigger step. It’s not at all how much money you make at the end. It is how much amount you keep, how wisely it works for you. At last, it depends on how many generations you keep it that is the locking period.

Traditionally, investors used to call for expert help, for the bonds, stocks and funds, fix a certain price and then allocate into various asset classes. The costs of those used to be higher. But now it is the era in the digitalization, what if your app acts like a stockbroker and help you in your journey of investments. With no-cost or a low-cost application. Wondering if there is an app like that. Yes, there is.  would set the tone. When you are at the crossroads, while making decisions about investment approaches, this app comes handy to help you.

Spaceship Voyager

With wealth management being totally volatile, more hands-on experts advice leads to better returns. Active investing strategies can outperform the entire market by taking benefits of short-term price fluctuations.

A spaceship voyager which is also called Spaceshipinvest is an Australian based financial services firm who aims to provide modern, simple and affordable investment portfolios.

This user-friendly app is for newbies, professionals and next generation users to multiply your savings by curating investment portfolios.

You can choose from the two distinct investment portfolios and set top-ups for every week, month, and fortnight. After selecting the investment approaches, let the spaceship voyager handle the rest of your concerns.

Diversifying your portfolios

While investing remember that it is basically an art form and not any more a knee-jerk reaction. Hence, it is time to practise investing in a more disciplined way by diversifying your portfolios.

To diversify your asset classes and yield more returns at the end of the period. This platform provides a choice between two types of investment portfolios.

  • Index fund or “Spaceship index portfolio”
  • Managed share fund or “Spaceship universe portfolio”

With these portfolios directly invest your savings in the corporates instead of going for ETFs(Exchange Traded Funds)


Index Portfolio

Company equities can work wonders if you diversify your amount instead of putting in one sector. Consider creating a portfolio with this Spaceship index portfolio which is a  passive fund combated with 100 of listed ASX (Australian shares) listed globally.

Basically, when you invest in this fund, your money is combined with other investors and invested appropriately. When invested, there will be units in the fund, that means as an investor you procure proportionate units in the fund. It generally follows the procedure of the equal-weighted index and allocates the portfolios instead of the market-weighted index. The asset allocation can be as follows

The global target range for the biggest public companies is 70% -80%.

There are ASX listed companies between 15%-25% range.

And Cash 0%-10% range.

The companies include under this fund are

  • 3M
  • A2Milk
  • Alibaba
  • Boral
  • China Mobile

to name a few.

Universe Portfolio

The mainstay for the Spaceship is to follow the world where it’s going and not where it has been. Select from the most actively traded100 hand-picked global and Australian companies. You can access tech companies globally with this fund. There is always a quantitative measure that eases and involves pumping the amount globally that contributes to rising returns. You can invest the money wherever you are located like the U.S, Canada, France, Australia, China, South Africa, and more. Get a sophisticated investment knowledge by using target asset allocation from the following

  • Global giant public corporations(65% – 75% range)
  • Australian companies(20% – 30% range) and
  • Cash (0% – 10% range)

The current holding includes Alphabet (Google), Afterpay, Blackmores, Baidu, Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, Ctrip, and more.


With spaceship, plan for regular investment strategies and more often a habit of investing daily. Though there are no customizable options available. Start with baby steps and leap further slowly and steadily by building a potential outcome. Here are the few best features which you can look into without a second thought.

  • Spaceship allows you to invest only in companies unlike investment apps like Raiz (previously Acorns). It is easy and convenient to invest as a beginner as it is the same for veterans
  • View your portfolios transparently through the account you created in Spaceship
  • Get in-depth knowledge from our experts who deliver prowess content about the company portfolios. So invest wisely by learning more about the investments
  • By the simple structure it has, you can select your investments from expert methodologies
  • With a low barrier, you can start investing and get more global exposures. By investing globally you get the benefit from maximized industry diversification
  • You can set the frequency of top-ups automatically to a week, month and fortnight. No need to think about your investments later. It will remind you when there is a necessity



Join hand with more than 35,000 users by downloading the app either from the Android play store or iOS App Store. The costs are estimated based on the gross-asset value from the portfolios accrued on a daily basis. It is payable as arrears monthly. The cost is free up to the initial $5000 balance. Above that, it charges 0.5%/yr for an index fund and 0.10%/yr for the universal fund.

For example, if the investment portfolio is around $10,000 you end up paying $2.50 for index fund and $5.00 for universe fund.

Apart from the spaceship, there are other investment apps which you should look into and take a solid stand. Such apps are


This mobile investment app gives unlimited opportunity to join hands with millions of Americans. Start with $5 and choose from hundreds of funds and stocks by building your own custom investment portfolios. This app allows users to invest in a low-exchange ETFs.With cutting-edge technological tools, you can secure and safeguard your valuable information by accepting industry standards.

Pick the portfolios and invest in partial or fractional company shares with a low-investment of $5. Invest in companies like  Altria, Amazon, Berkshire Hathway, Best buy, chevron etc.



A micro-investing app that is previously known as Acorns, is aimed for the Australians aged between 18 to 35. Start today and invest in spare change automatically from daily purchases to diversified portfolios. You can invest in ETFs either through recurring deposits either by fixating it to weekly, monthly investments or in a lump sum. The major benefit you get while investing in Raiz is you can withdraw money without waiting until the locking-period.

You can withdraw any money without paying penalties or extra fees. Raiz never charges additional expenses for a $0 account balance. You can always get started with as low as $5 with a monthly price of $1.25/month or 0.25%/yr. Raiz offers various options which broadly falls under 6 below categories

  • Conservative
  • Moderately conservative
  • Moderate
  • Moderately Aggressive
  • Aggressive
  • Emerald

These ETFs are quoted based on ASX(Australian stock exchange).As with every assets class, these are highly prone to risks. These are obviously depending on the performance of the financial market, interest rates and economy.


In this digitalized world, investment apps can be flexibly used as they provide lower fees and benefit the investors to make their trades on the go. They reduce the entry barrier for newbies and make their choices easy. These apps can be used without any prior knowledge, experience. They are time-saving and the initial investment is very low. Without any intermediaries like financial advisors or stockbrokers, you can simply put your savings and be secured.

Spaceship voyager tops all those apps and stood as the best investment app. It makes users invest within their budget limit. There are no entry and exit charges, no brokerages or no buy-sell spreads. This makes even more profitable for building wealth. This app allows you for more flexible mandates and unconstrained strategies that potentially benefit from getting greater returns.