Before the age of social media, interactions were limited to a friend, relative or colleague you could see eye to eye. Social media is here and all that has now changed dramatically.

People are not just interacting physically but also through social media online. The upsurge in technology has greatly contributed to these interactions. Thanks to Smartphone’s the world is now a global village.

Notably, companies can now interact with their consumers in real time unlike it was in the days before. They have become more accountable to their customers. Social media interactions have also enabled company brands to target their consumers remarkably well.

Business and social media

It would be foolhardy for your business not to be on social media today. As a matter of fact, many businesses you approach will now encourage you to like their social media pages on Facebook or Twitter.

Most businesses are now stepping on each other as they rush to take the social media space. Interestingly, not all businesses have managed to achieve that social clout as it would have been easily expected.

It’s not just about being on social media but strategically positioning yourself so that your business can achieve a wider market outreach. As such, businesses have to strategically interact with their consumers on social media by not only having consumer metrics but correlating them with their marketing revenue.

It’s pointless counting every customer who does visit your shop without figuring out how you will improve your sales through their numbers.

The two phases of social media engagement

Social media content is what forms the basis of our interactions. Content and interactions are what drive social media engagement. Social media content comes in forms of tweets, pins and posts. If anything, their streams are what drive traffic and keep people glued to their social media accounts.

Businesses on social media have the option of marketing their products through promotions and placing ad runs. For instance, Facebook allows marketers to do promotions of their products for days on end depending on your budget.

More than TV, social media ads are more target specific and help to reach your focus target audience. Sites such as Instagram give you a platform to share your pictures with the world. If a business, it helps you to market your brand. Instagram users long began to realize that it’s not only about social media image but uploading videos as well. Instagram views-get them fast after video upload can now be bought at affordable prices flooding your post with automated traffic.

Social media interactions could be reactive or proactive. Consumers could get pleased with your brand and reach out to you right away. This is what is referred to a reactive interaction. Conversely, you could reach out to your customers for a specific reason. This turns out to be a proactive interaction.

Why your business should consider interactions as a social media strategy?

What your business needs for a successful social media campaign is a marketing strategy that will convert into profits for your business.

A few tips you want to put into consideration include:

  • Crafting a relationship with your prospective customer

Developing a good relationship with prospective customers is important for keeping them in your future sales plan.

  • Amassing followers

You want to encourage members of your target audience to like and follow your page. Later on, they will end up being loyal customers for your brand and services.

  • Brand awareness

Creating an irresistible brand as a marketer is key for the success of your business. However, as far as marketing is concerned, you don’t cover much with a brand that is unknown.

Success on social media is all about visibility. Making known the availability of your brand to your customers to win them.

  • Leads

Focus on building up leads through interactions.

  • Establish your voice

Let your consumers know you by the uniqueness in the brand of your voice. You could cut yourself out by your style of interaction such as the use of emoji or humor.

Be driven by specific objectives

As you look for an established social media presence, have clear objectives to work with. These help to give you a clear sense of focus and direction. Some specific objectives you could work with include video views, survey completions, competition entries and event promotions.

So, which social network could be best used for a lively social media interaction?

Above Facebook and Instagram, Twitter has been rated as the best social site in active interaction for businesses. While other social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram are great in their own way, they offer little scope for interaction. It’s quite difficult to jump into conversations of people you are yet to connect with.

Unlike other social media sites, Twitter has conversation drivers. Conversation drivers are phrases that people use on Twitter when discussing a particular topic. Search for this drivers easily with the Twitter advanced search option.

A good search will give you firsthand information about a given conversation driver. Use the conversation driver you found to scour Twitter user’s profiles and news streams to get an idea of what fascinates them.

If this process, leads you to a prospective customer, tweet them right away. Avoid the temptation to start selling your brand to your new found customer. Keep it simple and fun by creating a rapport with your customer through light conversations.

However, you want to manage your expectations well as not all the persons you converse with will leave you with a positive response. One way to avoid negative reactions is to scrutinize their latest tweets to make sure they are not spewing negative content.

Apart from conversation drivers, other strategies you could use to get clout on Twitter include the tagging of user accounts into your photo tweets. Alternatively, you could also be a friend to the followers of your collaborators or competitors. Knowing them could build a useful relationship in the long run.

Final thoughts

Looking to widen your market outreach? Well, look no further than social media. It offers you the best interaction platform between prospective customers and your brand. You also want to narrow down to using Twitter as it stands out to be the best interactive social network.