It’s only natural that most business leaders focus more on maximizing profits than they do on minimizing costs. That’s because the gains to be made in chasing ever-higher profits far outweigh some of the cost reductions that you can secure by taking a review of your business overheads. Nonetheless, while chasing profits is a gamble and a risk, reducing your overheads is a sure-fire way to increase the money you have to spend on your business – and it’s the gift that keeps on giving, saving you cash each month of each year. As such, here are some smart ways to reduce your overheads in 2019 and beyond.


As a business, you’ll be paying a number of overhead costs as a standard fee collection that you may have forgotten. These might include:

  • The cost of utility bills, like electricity, internet, and water
  • The price of your warehouse, office or industrial site
  • The fees charged to your business for insurance and other legal cover
  • Your software license chargers and the fees you pay to IT professionals

The list may go on far longer, depending on the nature of your business. What’s clear is that you’ll have plenty of contracts that renew each year that you may be able to renegotiate in order to secure a better price. Even if you save only 50 dollars on your utility bills per month, that’ll break down to significant savings over a 10-year period.

Efficiency Saving

The next tip is a simple one: ask your company employees to operate on an efficient basis, respectful of your company’s investment in stock, and the planet. If you’re wasting water, electricity, stock, or even time, you’re technically draining your company of resources that it should be utilizing to the maximum. You should train your employees, therefore, to:

  • Use electricity efficiently and switch off lights and appliances whenever unused
  • Reuse elements of office equipment, such as scrap paper, for notes
  • Think smart about how they spend the company’s cash when on trips or ordering from office suppliers
  • Take a training course in efficiency savings, and impose targets which, if met, result in a staff party

Work on your company efficiency in order to bring down a host of overhead costs – allowing you to sit back and reap the benefits of a well-oiled machine working in harmony and unison,

Software and Automation

Finally, one of your most significant overhead costs will be the cash that you pay to your employees. It’s something of a taboo to think about, but there are often wasted roles occupied by poor performers in your business that you should think about moving on through redundancy.

Meanwhile, you can use software and automation to replace human labor in plenty of areas of your business. For instance, you might choose to implement payroll software to cut down your HR department. Reduce your inventory management costs by onboarding stock management software for your company – also saving you cash on wages. However you choose to automate roles in your business – these investments equate to large staff payment savings in the long-run.

These tips will help you understand the ways in which you can chase down your overhead costs, operating in a streamlined and cost-saving way for the rest of your period in management.