It seems that new companies appear whatever you turn. That leads to the fact that people are spoiled with choice nowadays. They pay huge attention to the quality of the product, to the reputation of a brand, to the service quality. That’s why all the brands strive to establish personalized communication with their customers – to make them loyal to the brand. Instagram, which shows the highest rate of audience engagement, is the best setting for that.

What are the tips for brand promotion on Instagram? How to use automation tools like Ingramer to rocket the process? And why to use hashtag generator? You will find all the answers if you read till the end.

Focus on to become the best, not the first

Everyone wants to be the first: the first to launch a product in a certain way or use a certain creative approach. It becomes harder to come up with new ideas and to bring them to life in the rush to become the first. Because of this, your original message may be lost. Do not worry about being the first. Concentrate on being the best. Be simple, focused, and authentic. Only then you will be of some value for the people who follow you. Find the one thing that you are an expert on, develop your expertise, and become unique.

Automate all the processes that can be automated

Undoubtedly, Instagram is the best platform for promoting small business. The hardest thing in promotion is to take the first step. The newly created company account will be attractive to a very narrow audience, and therefore its promotion may hit the buffers at the very start. In order not to fall into such a trap, you need to obtain quality service for the promotion of IG blogs. I’m talking about automation tools. Ingramer is one of the best ones, which I happen to use for my IG blog promotion. The beauty of it is how it imitates the behavior of a real human.

So automation tools can:

  • like and follow your TA. It will spark their interest, there is a strong possibility that they will visit your acc and follow it. Thus, you get new followers, which can become your clients eventually;
  • view Stories. If someone unknown view your Stories, won’t you want to know who? Sure, you will. That’s a reflex. The function of automated Stories viewing is created to draw the user’s attention to your profile;
  • You can leave comments for your audience automatically. Comments provoke comments. Thus, it will increase the audience ER;
  • send Direct Messages. For any business, private communication with clients via DM not only increase the engagement but drive sales significantly. You just need to write a good offer for a bot to send it out to your supporters.

Work with hashtags properly

You can’t promote your account without using suitable hashtags.  Moreover, you should take into account the frequency of use of your tags. Using only highly popular tags won’t bring you much followers and likes cause the post will be lost. To find niche tags, use Hashtags generator. In a second you will receive lists of relevant hashtags, you just need to enter a URL, proper keyword or simply upload a picture you want to post. Thus, you save time and get an effective tool for promotion for free.

Experiment and take risks

Small companies may not have large budgets or a large team, but they often have more freedom than large companies and may be more flexible and try something new. Do not strive to be perfect from the very beginning. Do what you think is OK, and if one of these approaches does not find a response from customers, change it and change quickly, until you find something that really works.

By the way, using automation tools, you get access to the advanced real-time statistics (number of likes, follows, comments per day, the ER, the audience loyalty.) Thus, you can quickly act up if you see that your audience doesn’t like something or promotion doesn’t go as it should.

Promote not a product but a message

It is not necessary to fill the account with images of your product solely. Come up with a bright story, mood, message of your brand. It’s vital, primarily when you produce something unusual. Look at the official account of GoPro, have you noticed any pic of a camera?

Show how you work

People are interested in how you work. You can introduce your employees, tell their stories of success. Let people follow the news of your company, any events you held.

Do not be afraid to show the insights of the creative processes, the processes of producing your products. Seeing that you are open to your audience, people will trust you and your brand more.

As you see, the promotion of a small business on IG is not really a big deal. Just be expert in what you do, take risks to develop yourself and a brand, use special tools for automation to win more clients and to enhance the loyalty and do not forget to put relevant hashtags. I’m sure your business will skyrocket. Stay lucky!