Design work is perhaps the type of project most commonly outsourced to an outside agency. Very few organizations have the size or scale to easily pull off logo design, animation, or even basic branding by themselves successfully — a least the first couple of attempts.

Having a digital design company on call to help with those processes also allows businesses to keep teams small and can do a lot to keep expenses low. It’s no wonder then that a lot of organizations of all sizes have come to rely on long term contracts with digital design and marketing agencies to handle the increasing amount of web assets required in today’s highly-connected markets.

But not all digital design agencies are the same. While many can do great work for their clients, quite a number simply don’t “get it”. Unfortunately, this significant minority of agencies can do serious damage to your business.

Here are a few ways you can tell that the digital design company you hired is one you can be confident in.

1.) They use metrics to define success

By metrics, we mean metrics that make sense. These days, anyone can buy social media likes and it takes experience to know what kind of reactions from the target market contribute to sales.

Some agencies and freelancers may just let things lie as they are after they have submitted something you requested. Experienced agencies take data analytics seriously and can perform tests on the market that can help you get progressively refined versions of different web assets— including logos and other visuals.

2.) They know how to contextualize your design problems

Beware the agency that uses the same solutions to fix all the problems they encounter. This often means that they don’t truly understand your industry, market, and vision. It can also be an indication that the design company is overspecialized in a specific area and doesn’t understand the role their expertise plays in terms of a wider context. Or it can mean they just lack imagination.

Be sure to communicate closely with your agency to see if they truly understand what your business is all about. While there may always be a few gaps in how you and your agency understand each other, it pays to take some effort to help them understand and to see if they’re interested in understanding you.

3.) They offer good customer service

One issue many clients seem to have with digital agencies is that the turnaround time for questions can sometimes be slow or the answers are delivered in a way that isn’t to the client’s liking. Naturally, you want to be able to stick with an agency that offers great service and transparency.

One’s definition of “good service might differ from someone else’s, but the most important thing is that you are comfortable with the way the agency handles regular interactions. If no, then there is no reason to stay with them when there are plenty of excellent digital design companies that can offer excellent service along with successful project outcomes.

4.) They can confidently divulge their successful projects

A lot of design businesses may be coy about their previous projects, which may mean that they did not deliver a successful outcome or that they have no interesting or compelling clients and successes to speak of.

If an agency can openly claim that they delivered positive results for a specific client, that can be a good sign. That is if you can verify if their claims are true.

With web content and asset creation being such crucial parts of marketing today, your organization must be able to work with a digital design company that they could trust. Visit 500 Designs to learn what a professional team of designers and artists can do for your brand.