Businesses are growing at a fast rate and so is the technology being used for it. When the demand for app development increased businesses wanted to go for both platforms (Android and iOS) but the development cost for each individual platform was high. So, cross-platform app development came into the picture.

Cross-platform solves the problem of developing for two different platforms which is both costly and time taking at the same time. Many businesses were opting for cross-platform development so that they could get the benefit of both platforms without spending excess money and time of development.

Cross-platform app development has different frameworks as well and one of the best-suited frameworks is Flutter. Flutter is an open-source framework for app development developed by Google and launched in 2018. There are many benefits of using Flutter even though there have been many players already in the market.

Flutter has stood out among the crowd and proved itself as one of the best frameworks for cross-platform app development. Here are some reasons why Flutter is a great choice for cross-platform app development.

1. Overcomes any limitations of cross-platform

Creating cross-platform apps was not a real delight for app developers since it required them to make multiple versions of the same product. Usually, cross-platform app development does not support native-like high performance or UI experience. But with Flutter, developers will only need to write the code once to create a high performing app with native-like feel. Flutter is a great cross-platform app development framework and it has overcome a lot of challenges over time.

2. Various themes for iOS and Android

The themes for each platform has to be different since the users for both platforms are different. In iOS app development, the UI of the app should be great since the iOS apps have always had great visuals and feel. Android apps too need good UI but it is not as much needed as it is in iOS apps. Flutter framework provides an option to have different themes for Android and iOS even though it is a cross-platform app development framework.

3. Flutter on desktop and web

Flutter recently revealed that they will soon launch a Flutter prototype app that works in a web browser. The name of this newly launched Flutter extension is ‘Hummingbird’ and it was announced during the Flutter Live. So, very soon the developers will be able to easily develop for mobile, desktop and web.

4. Fast app development

Flutter’s biggest advantage is that it can build apps at a very fast rate. Features of Flutter such as hot-reload can reflect changes as soon as they are made. The time taken by hot-reload is not more than milliseconds which is how developers maintain the high development speed. The widgets that Flutter provide help developers in creating a native interface in just a few minutes.

5. Reduces overall cost and time

Usually, it costs a heavy sum to develop apps, especially if its not cross-platform. With the help of Flutter the overall cost of app development is reduced as well as the time of development is shortened. The framework is a great solution for developers when they want to build apps fast and at low cost. Flutter also allows one-time coding feature which means that developers don’t waste time writing the same code for two platforms. It also reduces the cost of testing since there is no need to run multiple tests for different platforms. Not only does Flutter save cost during app development but also during app testing. This is why Flutter is used by developers to fast development, fast testing and cost-saving approach.

6. Good for MVP

Flutter is also great for MVP apps since the framework can allow fast development and cross-platform development. MVP for any app is quite beneficial as it can ascertain the potential of the app with the help of user feedback. This user feedback can be used for making further improvements and additions in the app. Since the cost of development with Flutter is already low, using it to build MVP is a suitable choice. Many startups and modern undertakings are using Flutter to get speedy development and maximum results at the lowest costs.