SendPulse email SMTP server is a swift, intuitive, and then affordable strategy to send your emails, your SMS, also web push, and it will assist you to grow your organization and even increase brand awareness.

Easy Configuration Of SMTP

If you choose Direct Send, SendPluse uses its embedded SMTP server, which is used locally. When an email needs to be sent, here is what happens: your SendPluse emailing software queries the DNS servers to know the mail server of your recipient based on its domain. It then connects to your recipient’s mail server and forwards the message via port 25.

If you use an external SMTP server, the SendPluse emailing software connects to the SMTP server as well as relays the message; any port can be used, as long as the SMTP server can listen to that port. The SMTP server itself is going to deliver the message then.

As you can easily see, while Direct Mail has the big advantage of not requiring any external service, there are some major drawbacks:

It requires more operations and thus takes more time for each message sending.

It requires communication with multiple servers, with varying response times (some might even be far), which means more time for sending.

It’s forced to employ two exact ports: if the ISP blocks one of them, no direct sending is possible.

For these reasons, the best choice is the use of an external SMTP server (and this is even the only option if you are a provider like AOL or others who block port 25).

Common SMTP Configuration:

  • Server name: port format
  • Example:
  • SMTP Username: Your username associated with your SMTP service provider
  • SMTP Password: your password for the SMTP service.
  • If no port is stipulated, the default port (25) is used for SMTP connections.

You can use it either on your own or in a configuration combined with Direct Send (SendPluse is one of the few programs that allow this feature: you can use either of the two options as the main method, and the other as a backup solution in case of error).

While I Send A Message To Many Recipients, Can They See Each Other’s Addresses?

No, SendPluse sends each email message separately: the privacy of your recipients is preserved. Using SendPluse to handle multiple emails is thus useful to avoid accidentally revealing email addresses of other recipients, which could amount to a violation of the rules of privacy and protection of information about your customers.

How Can I Filter A List?

By using the ranking/grouping functions in the mailing list management section, and temporarily enabling/disabling a group of addresses, you will be able to send a message to a subgroup of addresses in the mailing list. Current list!

How Can I Insert A Link In The Body Of The Message To Unsubscribe From The Mailing List?

SendPluse can manage its distribution lists by downloading the messages from a dedicated email address, different from each list. Thus, by using the tags, it’s easy to insert an unsubscribe link in the HTML code:

<a href = “mail to: # managing email #

? Subject = Unsubscribe “> Unsubscribe </a>

HTML code should be inserted in the HTML section of the message by clicking on Show Code or inserted as a link using the Links button in the text toolbar (in which case the text: mail to # managing email Subject = Unsubscribe? will need to be inserted into the Links window and, once the link has been created, the displayed text can be changed to something like Unsubscribe or similar text)

When I send a message to a mailing list, some messages are not delivered and are returned with an error.

When sending messages to many addresses, it’s normal for messages, not all to reach their destination: some addresses that you have included may be inactive or temporarily disabled, the e-mail servers may be congested or overloaded, the connection may be temporarily interrupted or perhaps slow. In case the proportion of messages sent is very low, or even that no message is sent, it’s necessary to check the sending parameters of the newsletter.

Currently, it may be necessary to change the sending mode (direct or perhaps from SMTP) and, if your SMTP server uses anti-spam filters, reduce the number of connections and increase the pause between messages. The SMTP server might have restrictions that would prevent you from sending more than a certain number of messages in a specific amount of time (for example, a given server might not be able to send more than 50 emails per hour).  In such a case, after the first sending, the operation will be completed later, thanks to the Send History functions.

If thе SMTP ѕеrvеr аntі-ѕраm restrictions cannot be controlled and the sending operations are only done at a very low speed, you can try using the direct sending mode or employing a lot more tolerant SMTP server (on the Internet, it’s possible to subscribe to efficient SMTP services, even at a low cost).

Email Service Cost

Based on how often as well as some newsletters you will have to send, we offer 4 kinds of payment:

Free plan

Monthly subscription

Pay as you go

VIP Plan

The very first 12 000 emails are free

If the sending message problem persists when using the direct send mode, then it may be necessary to specify the IP address of the DNS server manually.


The sendpulse objective is always to offer you a straightforward, top quality, and reliable method to communicate with your users. We are regularly working on new products, and also features, with the objective of offering all the available efficient technology to our clients.

Call our team today to see how we may help with your marketing goals, kind regard.