This is review of Gtech AiRam innovative cleaner. We see the latest model’s new features, prices and Gtech coupons. In this blog, we have reviewed several quality gadgets that you can buy online. However, a good purchase is not only limited to the quality of the product; It is a combination of quality and price. This is why discount coupon codes in ecommerce are becoming increasingly popular.

Gtech AirRam Mk2 Design

The AirRam Mk2 upright cordless vacuum cleaner was launched in 2016 with improvements that made it better than the previous AirRam. The new cleaner runs on batteries too, however, it comes with an improved suction system which enables it to pick up dirt of different sizes. A headlight has also been incorporated into this cleaner, which might be missing on some other models. Its bin also features a new design.

The two-year warranty that it comes with gives a good indication that it indeed is a great product. Delivery is free of charge in the United Kingdom which saves you around £15 on shipping. No Gtech offer code needed for that.

At 3.5kgs, it is definitely lighter than most high-end vacuum models. Therefore, you will not feel like it is heavy when you are using it. The fact that it does not have tools or attachments contributes to it being lightweight.

Most of its parts are found on its base. It comprises of four wheels. Two large ones and two small ones. They are located at the bottom so that the cleaner can move around easily. When using this upright cordless cleaner, you will not require a lot of effort. This is thanks to the motorized brush bar which effectively allows the cleaner to push itself forward. However, the AirLOC technology that it uses makes it hard to move the cleaner backward.

The cleaner features a 0.8 litre bin. The bin is designed such that it can compress dirt and so be able to collect more. According to the manufacturers, the bin can be able to hold up to 2.4 litres of dust and debris which has been compressed. The design of this cleaner makes the removal of dirt to easier so that you do not get dirty in the process.

To remove the dirt, you can lift the bin and use the slider to empty the dirt from the bin. It is recommended that the bin should be cleaned once every month at least.

This cleaner runs on batteries. If charged over a period of four hours the batteries should last approximately forty minutes. LED lights indicate how much battery is left. A foot operated power switch makes it easy turn it on and off.

Should you buy the Gtech AirRam Mk2?

As stated earlier, the Gtech AirRam Mk2 is convenient if you are in search of a second vacuum for convenience. This is because compared to its competitors, it lacks in flexibility. However, it is very effective at its job, which is ensuring your floors remain spotless.

Price and Coupon for

The Gtech AirRam Mk2 costs a grand total of £199.00 each. Depending on availability, you can get Gtech 10% off coupon codes on voucher sites like

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