One of the best things about the Internet is the fact that people can get access to different kinds of information. However, today there are millions of websites out there and it can be quite difficult to find exactly what you are looking for. On top of that, you can never be sure whether something that you have read is true or not. This is especially true when it comes to computer, mobile and information technology in general. Luckily, there are some reliable websites that help people with free how-to tech guides. According to some experts, is a good example of a website like this.

What is

Tech-recipes is a website and a large community of tech-savvy users who share tutorials related to technology. The website was founded about 15 years ago (in 2003) and ever since then, it has been growing rapidly. Today, you can find tutorials and guides written by both community members and professionals. For many people, this website is a true lifesaver because whenever they want to know how to do something like fixing the screen of their phone or bypassing the password on their computer, they can use database and get a step-by-step tutorial. Every blog post on this site is explained in details which mean that even people with no prior experience in this field will find these posts useful. This is one of the main reasons why this platform gets over 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

The idea behind this website

The main idea behind tech-recipes is to offer how-to guides for anything related to technology in order to help any website visitor who is looking for information on how to solve, fix or improve something. Their tagline “Your cookbook for tech tutorials” tells us a lot about their main goal. Without any doubt, this is a great and noble idea because if some person cannot figure out how to do something, they can visit this website, use the search box and get information. That’s why tech-recipes is among the 15,000 most visited websites in the world.

How does it work?

Tech-recipes works in a very simple way. As we already mentioned, registered users are allowed to post tutorials while ordinary visitors can comment on these tutorials. This website has hundreds of how-to guides that contain images and videos. It looks like the website is working quite well because the database is updated all the time with new, helpful guides. It’s worth mentioning that contributors are getting rewards for their effort in the form of gift certificates, hats, and t-shirts. This is a nice gesture made by the owners.

How does the layout look?

If you visit you will notice that this website is organized very well. It is obvious that the creators were looking for a way to emphasize the simplicity of their website without affecting the overall appearance. In other words, when you visit this website you will see that it’s simple, yet nice. On the homepage, you can find the latest blog posts and different tabs that can redirect you to seven different tech categories – Android, Apple, Windows, internet, Database, Programming, and Apps. There is a search box too. There is a calming and pleasant color scheme on every page and we can freely say that has a user-friendly interface.


One of the best things about tech-recipes is that you are getting all the information you need for free. There are no hidden fees, subscriptions or anything like that. Of course, you can opt for a subscription, but this subscription is free. Use it if you want to get the latest blog posts via email.

Final thoughts

Tech-recipes is a website that delivers exactly what it promises. If you need how-to info about technology-related issues and problems, it is very likely that you will find the answer on this website. This website is easy to use and you can easily navigate through different categories. The search box is working well and with the right keywrods, you can expect to find the information quickly. On top of that, is completely free which means that you can’t lose anything but some of your time to check this website. Finding great tech tutorials can’t get easier.