Virtual reality attracts people by its uniqueness and gives them a sense of omnipotence and unlimited power. Computer games have given us the opportunity to build an ideal world in which everything is the way we want it to be. 

Cybersport came about as a result of people’s active participation in video games, today you can even bet on esports and win a decent amount of money. This is no longer just a fantasy, but an absolute reality. 

The variety of cyber sports disciplines allows you to choose the most fascinating and exciting one for yourself. You can bet on almost every game. For instance, league of legends betting can be found on almost any cyber sports betting site with as much ease as other disciplines. 

eSports as an official sport

Many people still can’t believe that cybersports are officially considered a real sport, and for good reason. Cyber sports have all the attributes of a sport in its classic sense. First, it is a team competition, on the computer games are tournaments, as in the usual sport. Also, each discipline has its own fan base, not to mention teams of cybergame players and their individual representatives. The whole industry today is very well organized and has its own clear rules and regulations. 

Different countries have their own criteria for recognizing a sport as official, but there are some commonalities that apply to all nations. Sports should contribute to a person’s physical or intellectual development, that is, improve their abilities and form the right values. And although esports are more likely to be detrimental to physical health, as it is a great strain on the visual system, it nevertheless has a beneficial effect on the intellect. 

During cybersports matches, players have to show their intellectual abilities, resourcefulness and ingenuity. It also develops the gamer’s quick reaction to fast-changing events and allows them to quickly find ways to solve problems, which can undoubtedly be useful in real life. 

The audience of cybersports and its fans

Cybersports wouldn’t be as popular if they weren’t the focus of a global audience. People are interested in watching game broadcasts, tournaments, and streams. The biggest money in eSports comes from active viewers, who create demand for the industry and force it to evolve to make it even more interesting to watch. 

As a rule, the game is watched by at least two million people, which indicates the relevance of cybersport on a par with classical sports activities. People used to be obsessed only with games, but now they also like to watch others play. This way you can learn more about each game and learn clever tricks that you can then apply to your own game. 

It is an opportunity to learn from their mistakes and motivation to repeat someone else’s success. 

Special communities are created on the Internet, in which novice or just fans of eSports communicate, share experiences and discuss the most high-profile events in eSports. Tournaments and broadcasts bring people together all over the world, which is very encouraging. There are numerous forums where users argue about the results of the game and make assumptions about the winning team.

The most popular eSports disciplines

According to official data, the most popular eSports games around the world are Dota2, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Hearthstone and others. It is in these disciplines the largest concentration of professional players who win the biggest tournaments and earn millions of dollars for each match. These games have the largest communities, and the prizes for winning their tournaments are the highest in the world. 

Every year the amount of prize money increases significantly, which only increases the number of people who want to get into cybersport and delve into one of these disciplines. 

Cybersport receives tremendous material support from sponsors, who put a lot of effort into the development of this direction. It has become a kind of business project with a lot of interested parties, so in the future cybersport will only grow and concentrate even more money and professional players. 

New disciplines are actively appearing, displacing the familiar ones and taking their place, gaining more popularity and surrounding themselves with the most loyal fans and the most skilled gamers. All this strengthens the position of cybersports, not only in each country individually, but across the globe. New trends and game genres are being created, which dictate their own rules and capture the attention of multimillion audiences.