Parental control has become one of the most essential components of all antivirus software these days. The internet is flooded with all sorts of contents, some of which might not be appropriate for your kid. From pornographic images to provocative publications, the internet is filled with negative influences that you do not want your child to come across. Most kids these days are tech savvy and what they are doing online when you are off to work is a matter of utter concern. Therefore, putting some kind of parental control in place will not only relieve you of all the stress, it will also limit your children’s computer usage.

What is parental Control?

Parental Control is a software application that can be used for blocking and restricting web contents. It helps parents ensure that their kids are not getting exposed to anything inappropriate while accessing the internet. Using the feature, you can block any specified URL or webpage that you find dangerous for your young ones. And, apart from browsing, Parental Control also helps scrutinize your kids’ daily activities discreetly, thereby enabling you to prevent any nuisance from entering the life of your adolescent child.

Some underlying features

  • Computer usage – Allows you to set a timetable based on which your kid can access the PC. The computer will function as long as the time you have specified for a particular account.
  • Desktop application usage – If your kid is spending more time on video games or other media applications, you can limit that too.
  • Internet – The biggest concern is internet browsing. Adult, crime, violence, and chat based websites do not come with age barriers. Hence, the chances of kids getting exposed to these potentially dangerous websites are pretty high. Thanks to Parental Control using which you can easily control what websites your kids visit on the internet. You can set it to block websites in 10 and more categories.
  • Downloads – Parental Control enables you to not only block what your kids are browsing but the things they download too. You can block downloads from any to all sites available on the Internet.
  • Location Monitoring – Top-notch Parental Control tools like the Bitdefender Family Pack 2016 also provides location tracking feature using which you can always check your kid’s location to make sure whether she/he is in a safe area or not.

Find the right protection for your kid

Installing this protection program is a must for every system. Find the right parental control protection software to protect and guide your kids’ online activities. Having the best tool means you can filter everything that your kid sees or does in the computer, thereby keeping them safe. Some tools provide predefined profiles that come with a comprehensive list of sites suitable for your kid. You can also choose manual customization where you can create your own list of pages that needs to be blocked.

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