The world of technology is continuously evolving, with gadgets growing increasingly smarter and our lives becoming more digitized. The gambling industry is no exception. In 2019, Internet-based casinos are expected to embrace new technological innovations, making their games more conveniently accessible and immersive.

Any business today needs to adapt to the rapidly changing technological environment. Casino operators invite the brightest minds from the realm of software development to keep up with the times. The industry is reinventing itself all the time, and 2019 is likely to take it to new heights. Here are the top development predicted to occur.

  1. Cryptocurrencies

An increasing number of operators are allowing users to place wagers in digital money, and the trend is expected to persist. Digital casinos are beginning to embrace virtual money despite the recent fluctuations of Bitcoin.

The main reason is that the pros of Bitcoin or Eutherian casino deposits greatly outweigh the cons. Primarily, it is all about security. With no connection to actual bank accounts, cryptocurrencies seem to present a safer way to gamble.

  1. VR

Virtual reality has taken the entertainment industry by the storm. Today, humans demand more than a flat projection on a rectangular screen. VR headsets allow us to dive into realistic digital worlds where objects may be touched. The advent of haptic accessories and even full-body suits enable viewers to enjoy a truly multisensory experience.

Today, the novelty is becoming mainstream. Very soon, live casino tables will take on new meaning. This will inevitably ramp up the excitement and pleasure gained from internet-based games. In addition, the interaction between gamblers will be transformed.


  1. Live format

This feature is now offered by any first-class casino operator. There is a wide range of live games to choose from, and they usually come from top names in software development. switching to this format may seem challenging, but it only takes a little time and practice to fully adapt.

A consequence of this trend has been the appearance of super modern live casino studios. These pay significant attention to uninterrupted streaming, camera angles, in addition to HD feeds. Some of the projected developments include a deeper sense of immersion for the players, a wider selection of games streamed live, smoother interaction between the players and the dealer, and availability of more varied tables.

  1. Mobile appsThe use of portable devices for online gambling sessions is a predictable development. This constituted one of the major trends last year, and 2019 is going to see further growth in this sector. Modern gambling is associated with convenience, and nothing could be more convenient than the opportunity to access it from a smartphone.

More live games are expected to become accessible to smartphone owners. Moreover, compatibility with mobile devices is a competitive advantage that may render old-school operators irrelevant.

  1. Security online


Today, placing wagers online is still viewed as a risky pastime due to the threat of hacking and fraud. Internet security in gambling is predicted to be reinforced. In addition, players will be better protected from unscrupulous operators with fake or no licenses. This is undoubtedly good news.

In terms of data security, we are going to see improved login procedures that enable faster access to games. More convenient protection methods like voice or fingerprint recognition could take over. In this case, we will not have to memorize any usernames and passwords anymore. Additionally, we will be shielded from third-party interference, and regulations may be tightened.

Overall, the world of online gambling is predicted to see some significant positive developments in 2019. These will make the activity more convenient and less risky. In addition, gambling will become more immersive and exciting due to the adoption of VR and the growth of the live format. Hence, there is a lot to expect. With the projected changes, Internet-based casinos will make another giant leap forward.