We all know that WordPress is a fantastic tool and a great resource for all the blogger out there! This platform is also great for small and medium-sized business also. The online and easiness to create different themes and designs make it a preferred choice for all the designers to give a professional-look of the websites and all this a lower cost. Moreover as compared with the other hardcore websites and programming WordPress sites are pretty easy to maintain and design and attract a fair amount of customers. But with all these conveniences comes the hazards of hacking as well. This easiness pulls hackers and intruders to your site that can damage your website’s data.

This is not an inbuilt fault of WordPress but a lot of designers face this issue with WordPress websites as they become vulnerable to hackers and phishing activities. Apparently, there is no worry as there are steps and methods to secure your WordPress website to keep them safe from hackers and malware.

If you’re a small business owner, then you would definitely want your website to be secure and safe as you would not lie to have any chance on security. WordPress security in 2018 comes with a lot of surprise and the best practices to make the website secure. It should be the top priority chart for the WordPress sites owners. Approximately 70% of them are vulnerable to hacking thus strong steps are needed in 2018 to secure your website. Just to support this article with some facts on online security read below: Case in point: analysts assume that by 2021, the damage costs coming from cybercrime will reach up to $6 trillion for the online business. Thus, running around other things start securing your online business in 2018 making it a topmost priority. Rather than a thought to lose your business make it stronger and combat it with right steps.

With these simple and basic steps in 2018 will put your website under control and in safe hands.

Change the content or keep shuffling it at regular intervals

As we know that content is the king and it will be ruling the websites for this year as well. What is so prominent about content is that it gives a backbone to your website and customers rely on your product or services. See, the hackers have an agenda to intrude in your website politically and otherwise and then they spread fake news about your data and the products flashed, which takes a tool of your money and reputation. But if you keep shuffling your content at regular intervals and keep the content fresh the hackers will have a tough time to steal your valuable information.

Install accurate SSL certificate

Security is something which is of paramount importance for a website. Thus, installing the right SSL certificate is of utmost importance. SSL certificates prevent the data to get hacked and give a security of strongly encrypted data for the websites. The secure site seal which you get from the SSL certificate builds a trust of your customers on your WordPress website. Thus get the right one for your website for example – EV SSL certificates are the best if your website involves log-in details, online transactions and any other online form that demands online transactions, financially and otherwise.

Secure HTTPS connection

Instead of using HTTP use HTPPS for your WordPress site, this gives legitimacy to your website with the URL visible with the secure sign and https feature sign. Some browsers also give a green address bar that indicates the website to be a stronger one as compared to the HTTP version. It’s highly recommended to use an HTTPS connection throughout your WordPress website.

Run regular scanning

Make sure you run regular scanning on your WordPress website. DO it religiously, and invest some good amount of time to have a proper check of your WordPress website. Scann for all the security parameters and include top-of-the-line security services that will certainly help you to protect from hackers, cybercriminals, viruses, and other probable threats.

Do not promote multiple passwords

As WordPress has an easy access to the tools and admins, it is seen that a lot many times that there are multiple passwords created from different usernames and have a variety of passwords. Due to this reason, there are many hackers that target the WordPress sites because of the ability to access the site via brute force attacks and multiple passwords. They easily get into your online portal and hack your data so when next you log-in to your website you experience failed attempts to log-in with incorrect a password, that’s what you should disallow by avoiding multiple passwords.

Keep changing passwords

As the above point suggests, this goes by default in 2018 – you need to keep changing your passwords for better security and to avoid hacking situations. As WordPress site has an easy access to the online portal for the hackers, however, to avoid this situation and multiple login attempts, keep strong passwords every time you change and make a habit to change the passwords on regular intervals. The passwords shall be the perfect combination of characters, numbers, alphabets, upper case and lower case so that it is not easily guessed by the hackers.

Update WordPress and WP Plugins

Always work on the WP Plugins as they are the backbone of your WordPress site. Keep it updated with the latest versions and security tools. Why is this important is because the hackers get to know all the old version tactics to hack thus if we update the WP Plugins regularly as and when the latest version is available, we give the hackers a tough time to get into the website’s data.

Pick a good hosting company

You need a good hosting package for your WordPress website, but when you do so you usually get stuck between shared hosting or dedicated hosting, isn’t it? Just to give you an idea, there a price difference, as dedicated servers are a bit pricey whereas a hosting server is like a folder on your computer. There are different folders for your hosting files but for the dedicated hosting, there is only one folder.

Install a security plugin

Your biggest assistant is the WordPress security plugin to make your website secure. It helps keep all the bad login attempts out, makes you aware of any suspicious activity, blocks force-attacks, and let you know whenever there’s a new update available. It also scans your files for all the compromised data or in case any breach happens to occur.

Get the backup on time

There are many reasons for a website to crash, one among many is the losing the data due to a sudden crash or any abrupt hacking attempt. Thus, in this case, you need to start everything from the scratch, but if you have your backup ready then the disaster is under control. So, running a backup of your entire data is the best preventative measure for your WordPress website in 2018. Here the backup means everything from the images to the design and from the content to the log-in details and passwords.