Mastodons is a social network platform based on open web protocols and free, open-source software majorly for game development discussions.  Users are allowed to create their units referred to as instances and acquire a following of their own; also, users can follow one another on their respective accounts. The multiple instances on this site are inter-linked by users being able to support each other irrespective of the group they are following in Mastodons. Businesses that are seeking professional sites to interact with their users aside from the other social media platforms have this site to fall back to and engage their audiences. This firm acts as a moderator for all the instances open to ensure that the set terms and conditions are adhered to.

Virtual gaming sites are among the category of companies that can create their instance in this site and use it to not only gain followers but also to advertise the services and products offered in their establishment at a particular time. Casino software providers are among firms that are taking up spaces in Mastodons to sell their products to virtual gaming sites and by extension gamers. Since the website is decentralized, users don’t feel the pressure to keep up with trends as is the case with other social networks. The number of words allowed for every post is five hundred; there are enough characters therein for virtual gaming sites and casino software developers to express themselves to the target audience.

A major plus for the use of this platform is that after creating an interface, the administrator has full rights for the control of their account. The interface is hosted on a different server. Hence, activities from the other users do not interfere with one’s account. For all establishments, virtual or land-based, there are policies set that govern the day to day running of the institution. has a set code of conduct that all users have to adhere to regardless of their social placing in their respective areas of operations. Some of the terms that users of this site must respect include:

  • Users of this site are required to use welcoming and inclusive language. Sensitive issues such as gender, race, religion, sexual identity or orientation, and disability are not to be brought up by any of the users at any given time. Use of derogatory words can get one blocked from using the site amongst other repercussions
  • Persons using this site to interact with other gaming enthusiasts are advised to stay on topics that are beneficial to the other users. Accounts may be silenced when a user keeps veering off topic and engaging in small talk that is not related to the gaming industry in any way
  • As moderators, the Mastodon team has the right to delete messages, and silence or remove user accounts that do not comply with the set rules. It is essential, therefore, that user sticks within the confines of what is defined as acceptable behavior for this platform
  • Contact details are provided so that when a user has issues with the code of conduct they can contact Mastodon and their problems will be addressed
  • Publishing of other people’s private information without legal authorization is not allowed on this site. User accounts that expose such details will be muted or wholly deleted as dictated by the intensity of the breach of conduct.

It is essential that a user operates within these set terms to ensure that they retain their account’s functionality on this site. Using Mastodon has multiple advantages to the firms exploiting their service which include:

  • A massive audience

Mastodon is among social network platforms that have amassed a considerable following over the years that they have been operational. Taking one’s business to this site means that the company will find an almost ready-made audience to sell their services or products to. After setting up their instances, the companies are then required to target their audience correctly and start interacting with them.

  • Achieving significance

Most gaming companies know what is relevant to their scope of business without including unnecessary tags, which may be annoying to the target group. Dissemination of information that applies to a particular group can be created and deployed accordingly. Gaining relevance with the target audience is more accessible for firms herein. Objectives set by the company regarding a specific group of players can be achieved promptly when the services of Mastodon are exploited in the right way.

  • Strong anti-abuse tools

For users to be comfortable and enjoy the services of Mastodon, robust anti-abuse measures have been put in place. Companies and individuals who are members of this website and follow instances available are protected from abuse. The code of conduct presented to all member indicates what areas are not to be touched on. Users are protected from derogatory and abusive language, which makes the stay in this site more comfortable as compared to other social media platforms where cyberbullying and trolling are on the rise in recent times.

  • Content control

Posts in this site are allowed to appear in chronological order. This feature ensures that recent posts are seen at the top while the older ones move to the bottom making it easy for users to interact with the latest content. Another plus for using this site is that users are not bombarded with advertising content. Account holders can control who sees their posts making targeting efficient.


Compatible with a range of devices that have different operating systems, Mastodon is readily available for firms or individuals that are passionate about game development and the iGaming industry as a whole. Various alternatives of Mastodon applications are available for users who rely on their smartphones to access this site.