The world of business as we know it is fast changing, with the kind of innovation Microsoft is bringing to the business world through hi-tech innovative IT software programs. Microsoft Dynamics GP is another product line in the Microsoft dynamics franchise. Just like others, it was announced as one of the lines in customer relationship management (CRM) software applications and enterprise resource planning (ERP) product line sections. Microsoft Dynamics GP in conjunction with other sections of Microsoft Dynamics formed the Microsoft Business Solutions which is like an umbrella guiding the whole Microsoft dynamic franchise. Microsoft Dynamics GP can as well be used in services like Outlook, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint, and Yammer.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is quite relevant in almost every sector of modern business, e.g. manufacturing, services, financial sector, and even the public sector. From its original design, it is meant to assist both large and small businesses in solving some of their many needs. In other words, Microsoft Dynamics GP has always been known to be a business accounting software which has dominated a lot of software market in places like the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and North and South America. Though it’s popularity is not limited to the above-mentioned countries which also have some supported partners in those areas. For better compatibility in those areas, it makes use of severe Microsoft SQL Servers to enable it to store some data, some of them include, Microsoft SQL:

•    2005

•    2008

•    2012

•    2014

•    2016

Dynamics GP (as it fondly called) is one of the four accounting programs created by Microsoft that share some of the features of Microsoft Dynamics Business Solutions brands. Whereas, it is written in a special computer language called Dexterity.

The products associated with Microsoft Dynamics GP was an original concept of a software development company known as Great Plains Software sited in North Dakota, managed Doug Burgum. The first Dynamics that was released was done in February 1993. It was seen as America’s first accounting package which was designed to run under a specification of Windows such as 32-bit software. And in late 2000, the company (Microsoft Corp.) announced the acquisition of Great Plains Software, a process that was completed around April 2001. Some of the histories of its updates include:

•    Dynamics GP 2018 R2 – October 1, 2018

•    Dynamics GP 2016 R2 – December 1, 2016

•    Dynamics GP 2015 R2 – Microsoft on May 29, 2015

•    Dynamics GP 2015 (Version 14) – Dec. 1, 2014

•    Dynamics GP 2013 (Version 12) – Dec. 19, 2012

•    Dynamics GP 2010 R2 – April 2011

•    Dynamics GP 2010 – April 2010

•    Microsoft Dynamics GP 10.0 –  June 2007

The User Functioning of Microsoft Dynamics GP

From the way the Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed, it is also web-enabled just like other Microsoft Dynamics franchises. It has continued to provide rich content for users since it is the only way to cover the third-party products in the application. Those website-enabled contents cover only the basic Financial & Distribution in the first Phase, Human Resource and payroll in the second roll, and Project Accounting at the third. The fourth phase contains Customer support and finally ignored the fifth phase had the Manufacturing. These modules were added in the course of the development and update of the program sometime around 2014.

Even before some of the programs were called Microsoft Dynamics and Microsoft Great Plains, the former versions worked with Pervasive PSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, and Btrieve. And they also used the C-tree program, though after it was sold out, all the other versions were switched to the Microsoft SQL Server database.

 Importance of Microsoft Dynamics GP in Financial Reporting and the Business Sector.

•    Microsoft Dynamics GP Changes our Work Space

With the innovative version of this program, customers can now run their accounting tasks on multiple mobile platforms and allow people to network and contribute no matter their location, or timing. With this, they can work from anywhere, be it from their office, home, electronic tablet, iPad, or PC. They can work from any other device of their choice without having intensive IT knowledge. Again, the program also allows your team of IT professionals to extend their web access without having to worry about control and security.

•    It Supports your Business Growth

Microsoft Dynamics GP is programmed to support your business no matter the size – small scale or large scale, new or already existing business line. To helps businesses meet up with their projected demands, and aspire for higher prospects without enslaving their staffs to strenuous procedures or performance which can lead to incurring some essential increase to the original investment. E.g. other Microsoft products.

•    Reduce Risk

Already, Microsoft dynamics GP is trusted by millions of users to provide creative business solutions for their clients. Again, with this program, accountants can source locally their business needs without going outside their niche. When you happen to buy a Microsoft Dynamics GP, you are well guaranteed that the reporting functionality is guaranteed. The report can be viewed when the web viewer is refreshed.

•    Takes Your Business to the Next Level

With more advanced business solutions fully supported by Microsoft Accountnet, which has been developed using a different range of accounting solutions to solve a stipulated accounting problem. Some of these solutions make it possible for users to view the displayed data secured by roles and provides the people with only relevant information. The flexibility of this program makes it possible for teams to achieve utmost performance through productivity, thus, keeping you two steps ahead of your competitors

In conclusion, we must understand that the Microsoft Dynamics GP just like other products within the range of Microsoft range is a vital tool in innovating, creating, planning, and expanding your business, especially in this 21st-century era. The integration of tools like this into the system is not an option anymore, as a matter of fact, it is a necessity. This is because the continuous survival of your business depends solely on it.