iOS 14 is set to bring new features for iPhone users. iOS 14 is set to be launched this autumn. Some of the features include refined privacy controls as well as visual transformations.  The privacy settings are good for real money online casino game players in the sense that they will not have to worry about privacy when they play at online casinos using their iPhone.

Changes to the Default Email and Browser

With the new features that are coming to Apple’s iPhone, you can switch default email browser apps to third parties. You will be able to set browsers that you used to use as alternatives as default.

Track How You are Being Tracked

This feature is one of the best features that will be introduced on iOS. All apps o-n App store will now require permission for tracking. Also, apps will require permission for targeted advertising. There are also granular location permissions that have been added to iOS 14. You will be able to share an approximate location instead of the exact location.

A Key Home screen Refresh

With the new features that are coming with iOS 14, iPhone users will get a livelier iPhone. iPhone users will now be able to pin different sizes of live sports, weather events and many more. They will also get to do that with approved third party app integrations. This is good for real money casinos games when you want to refresh and find new games.

The Automatic App Library

This new feature means that all old fashioned app icons are going to be put in the app library. This is an au0#tomatic categorised folder system. It will be sitting on the last screen as you swipe right.  With this new feature, you will be able to hide regular app screens.

Messages Turn into Slack WhatsApp

With the new features, massages will now look like other apps that you are used to. You can have group conversations and you can pin conversations to the top. You can also use emojis, group photos with pics and you can also use the new Emojis that has a larger range of hairstyles, headgear and yes face coverings.